Passport / Visa

European Students


An ID CARD is enough to enter France for students coming from European Union countries and from European Economic Area countries (EU + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway).



Students coming from a non-European country must get a valid passport and a visa.


Students coming from a non-European country must get a visa before their arrival in France through the French Consulate of your country of origin.

There are 2 different types of visas:

short-stay visas for less than 90 days

long-stay visas for more than 90 days

Be aware that it is not possible to get a French visa while being in France.

SHORT STAY VISA : "VISA SHENGEN" The Schengen agreement refers to free circulation of persons between signatory states.

LONG STAY VISA : "VISA LONG SEJOUR VALANT TITRE DE SEJOUR = VLS-TS" (long stay visa equivalent to a residence permit)

The long-stay visa is usually delivered to students coming for more than three months. This visa allows you to transit through the Schengen Area on your way to France and to move freely throughout the Schengen Area within its period of validity.

Some long-stay visas are valid as residence permits during the 1st year of study in France.

Get to know more information about French visas


Student having a Long Stay Visa or a Schengen visa are allowed to travel within the Schengen area.

Here is an exhaustive list of the signatory states

Documents Needed

Passeport / Visa

  • Valid passport
  • French student visa (for non-European students)


  • Housing insurance to bring to the check-in appointment

Other documents

  • Birth certificate officially translated into French
  • Driving license translated into French
  • Transcripts and diploma

Survival French

  • Common French Phrases

Yes                                                                    Oui 

No                                                                     Non 

Good morning                                                   Bonjour

Good evening                                                    Bonsoir 

Good night                                                        Bonne nuit 

Goodbye                                                            Au revoir 

See you later                                                    À plus tard

See you soon                                                     À bientôt

Please                                                               S'il vous plaît 

Thank you                                                         Merci 

You are welcome                                              Je vous en prie 

Excuse me                                                         Excusez-moi 

I am sorry                                                          Je suis désolé(e) 



  •  Meeting and Greeting

What is your name?                                           Comment vous appelez-vous ?  

My name is…                                                      Je m'appelle…

I don't understand.                                           Je ne comprends pas.

Do you speak English?                                       Parlez-vous anglais ?

Does anyone here speak English?                      Est-ce quelqu'un parle anglais ici ?

How are you?                                                    Comment allez-vous ?

I'm fine, thank you.                                          Je vais bien, merci.

I am glad to meet you.                                      Je suis heureux de vous rencontrer.



  • direction    

How do I get to?                                                Comment aller à…

To the right                                                      À droite  

To the left                                                        À gauche  

Is this the right way to go to…?                         Est-ce la bonne direction pour aller à…?

Is it far away from here?                                   Est-ce loin d’ici ?  

We're looking for…                                            Nous cherchons… 

Where is...?                                                      Où est...?  

A street map                                                     Un plan des rues

Can you show me on the map?                          Pouvez-vous me montrer sur la carte ?  

Where is the nearest metro/train station?        Où est la station de métro/train la plus proche ? 

I would like a metro/train ticket, please.         Je voudrais un ticket de métro/train, s'il vous plait. 



  • Shopping or at the restaurant

How much is this please?                                  Quel est le prix, s'il vous plait ?

How much does it cost?                                     Combien ça coûte ?

Can I have the bill please?                                L'addition s'il vous plait.

Where is the restroom please?                          Où sont les toilettes, s'il vous plait ?

I would like….                                                   Je voudrais…




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