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In connection with the Chair’s Sponsors, the Chair creates unique programming and experiences for students throughout the Grande Ecole curriculum through 8 courses (118h / student Edhec Group) and 8 Electives (136h / student). Leadership learning and personal development of future managers is done through many seminars, electives and access to all conferences of the Chair.

The Seminars: Discovery of Leadership & Management

The seminar: Benchmarks for Decision-Making 

Des repères pour se déciderBased on Jungian psychological types (MBTI), students identify with their own natural preferences for perceiving the world and situations; they deduce their "profile" and the work environments they feel the most affinity for. If they want to go further in this personal resources inventory, they can also work in depth on their identity. This can shed more light on their first choices of specialization at EDHEC and their first professional experiences. More broadly, this seminar is a reflexive journey to become better acquainted with one another in order to exercise one's responsibility and make conscious choices.



The seminar: Team Management:

management d'équipe In the first year, students discover the requirements of the managerial work; they wonder about their desire to animate teams and take stock of the resources that they personally bring and those that need to be cultivated during their learning journey. Students are put face-to-face with managers and teachers in professional situations (Assessment Center) where they are led to review their beliefs about leadership and to invest in their posture as future managers.


The electives: To go deeper in you area of interest

During their studies, students of the Grande Ecole programme have several opportunities to participate in electives designed by the Chair and its collaborators. This is to experience leadership differently, to deepen and complete what is studied in class and during seminars.

  • Les Learning Team™
  • Les Ressources non verbales du Leadership
  • Psychanalyse et Management
  • Sociologies
  • How to build a dream team ?
  • Emotional and Relationship Intelligence


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