Global Monitoring


The researchers from Edhec Criminal Risks Management Chair conduct permanent monitoring on the whole field of research:



Data Retrieval

Edhec Criminal Risks Management Chair collects information from various sources:

  • General open sources
  • Various open sources
  • Information network

Data processing

The information collected is used by Edhec Criminal Risks Management Chair to

  • Draft reports

    The first activity is the creation of texts summarising the data collected, in a 4-stage process.

  • Integration of reports

    The second activity consists of integrating the position papers through various supports, in a 3-stage process.



Every week, the monitoring of criminal and terrorist risks provides material for 4 coordinated data supports.

Updating of the criminal and terrorist risk map :
The central data support is a map that provides immediate access to two kinds of information.

Report :
All the information of interest to companies on criminal and terrorist players and criminal and terrorist activities is processed in a specific report accessible via the map.

Weekly summary:
All the reports are combined in a summary presenting the weekly updates on the players and criminal /terrorist activities of interest to business.

All of the processed data is analysed and fed into a continuously updated database.

Country Focus


The Country focus provides four intelligence deliverables, described above and applied to a specific area:

  • Constantly updated map of criminal and terrorist risks in a given country / area
  • Position papers on the criminal and terrorist activities noted
  • Weekly report on criminal activities and terrorist risks affecting the country / area in question
  • Note d'information / action criminelle et terroriste relevée
  • Updated database


Mapping threats

The Country focus also provides a specific intelligence analysis of the threats affecting the area in question.

Cartographie de la menace

Modelling of the data continually generated by monitoring allows global mapping of the threat using criminal analysis software:

  • Criminal actors and terrorists:names, structures, localisations, equipment, etc.
  • Links: links between criminal players and terrorists, links with civil society, links with local leaders, etc.
  • Activities: chronology of criminal and terrorist activities, logical links between the criminal and terrorist activities (reactions to a declaration, a wave of repression, a new local political order, etc.)




EDHEC Management of Criminal Risks Chair conducts studies on criminal and terrorist risks affecting a target region or country, concentrating and extending the focus of its global monitoring to cover a specific geographical area. This targeted monitoring process covers :

Criminal and terrorist organisations active in the countries in question Gangs locaux

  • International and local criminal organisations
  • Local gangs
  • Violent communities
  • Guerrilla organisations
  • Terrorist organisations

Criminal and terrorist activities occurring in the countries in question

  • Terrorist attacks
  • Extortion
  • Kidnap & ransom
  • Massive theft and looting
  • Hacking
  • Fraud
  • Counterfeiting
  • Trafficking and smuggling
  • Money laundering
  • Terrorist funding
  • Bid rigging/ privatisations
  • Bid rigging/ public tendersExtorsion