4 New certificates in the fields of Banking, Entrepreneurship, Structured Financing & FinTech

EDHEC Business School introduces four new certificates

Written on 09 November 2016.

EDHEC Business School introduces new certificates into its Financial Economics programmes, to help its students further differentiate themselves on the placement fronts.

These non-degree certificates are designed to help students to deepen their knowledge and know-how in areas at the forefront of value creation in the financial industry. Through the release of these certificates, EDHEC once more underlines the modularity of its programmes including electives of the MSc Financial Markets and MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking. 


« I am thrilled to be announcing the release of 4 new certificates in the field of Finance. EDHEC is one of the very few European institutions to offer such opportunity to students, said Pascale Viala, Director of Financial Economics studies Master & MSc at EDHEC Business School. EDHEC’s impact on the industry is known to all key finance players and this announcement ascertains once more our capacity to equip our students with the tools to make a difference on the job and to develop tomorrow’s leaders. I have no doubt this release will appeal to a lot of students ».

The structure of the certificates mixes 1 to 2 core courses and 2 electives, with 8 ECTS assigned to them (9.5 ECTS for the FinTech certificate). Students enrolled in one either the MSc in Financial Markets or MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking programmes may apply for a certificate of their choice during semester one, so as to attend courses during the second semester (no extra cost). A selection process will then take place, based on one’s academic performance

This certificate is best-suit for you if you want to deepen your knowledge in the banking sector. This certificate allows you to gain strong insights on the current business challenges faced by banks and other financial institutions, relating to the disruptive impact of financial regulation, monetary policies or data analytics on their business models. 

The certificate is designed for students who have strong interest in structured financing, or are seeking a career move within that sector, whether on the sell-side, buy side or in financial advisory. It provides the opportunity to acquire the industry knowledge, technical know-how and structuring skills to bring value in structured finance, project finance or asset-based finance transactions. 

The certificate is designed for students who are interested in start-ups and new ventures and want to deepen their knowledge of the financing of innovation, or of the development of innovation in the financial services industry. It provides them with the opportunity to acquire the understanding of what it takes to develop new ventures, of the know-how of value creation through financing decisions, and of the role of disruptive technologies to transform or develop new businesses in finance. 

This certificate is designed for students with strong interest in the disruption in the financial sector, who want to understand and experience the use of big data for the development of new applications for the investment industry. It provides students with the opportunity to sharpen their knowledge of computer languages, and of research approaches to large data sets.

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