4 New MBAs Selected for the Plug and Play VC Programme

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20 Nov 2020

EDHEC is proud to announce four Global MBAs have been selected to participate in the prestigious Plug and Play VC University Partners Programme. These candidates are helping to connect tech start-ups with the world’s largest companies first-hand. Learn more about this exciting opportunity for our MBA entrepreneurs.

There are many aspects that make EDHEC’s Global MBA unique, however, our active involvement in the Plug and Play university programme is especially exciting. EDHEC is the only partner school in France to offer students this incredible opportunity to join fellow students from some of the most prestigious schools from across the world and gain unique experience and insights into the world of venture capital and the start-up ecosystem.


This programme does much more than connect Nice-based Global MBAs with Silicon Valley. It gives its candidates a global network of like-minded entrepreneurs, the opportunity to gain insights into venture capital and learn about a world-class start-up ecosystem first-hand. Read on to learn more about this programme and what it means for our four candidates.

What is the Plug and Play VC programme?


Plug and Play is an open platform focused on bringing innovation to all corners of the world. Based in Silicon Valley with over 30 locations globally, Plug and Play connects tech start-ups to the world’s largest corporations through accelerator programmes, corporate innovation partnerships, and investment opportunities. Some notable companies within Plug n’ Play’s portfolio include PayPal, Dropbox and N26.


EDHEC is part of its 7-month remote university programme focused on venture capital. Four students from each participating school are selected to participate and get to exchange with VC experts and students from around the world. Hired as Investment Analysts, these students work on real-world projects like reviewing proposals and consulting for Plug n’ Play and its partners to make more informed business decisions.


Carole Chomat took part in the programme last year sharing her insights in her #MyMBAStory interview. She said, “The Plug and Play initiative is an amazing opportunity for EDHEC and for students like me that are motivated to get involved and know more about entrepreneurial ecosystems.”


Every two weeks, programme participants have VC partner calls have VC partner calls to help them understand decision making processes and better grasp investor points of view.


“Because the programme has industry focus, you are able to apply and share your own knowledge... as well as gain a deeper insight into the whole venture capital process and innovation ecosystem,” Carole said. “It was a really challenging initiative and a big commitment, but it was an invaluable experience.”

Meet EDHEC’s Plug and Play Participants


If you are wondering what it is like to be part of such an exclusive and exciting initiative, read on!

“Opportunity to immerse myself into the atmosphere of innovation.“ Andrei Bazhan

With more than 9 years in the finance industry and a passion for fintech, Plug and Play is an ideal programme for Andrei and his particular expertise. The programme is giving him the opportunity to practice and apply skills from his background in banking. Throughout the programme, he will be conducting due diligence on new ventures and directly accelerating entrepreneurship ecosystems worldwide.

“I want to discover financial best practices and advance my international experience” Tatiana Makarova.

As another Investment Analyst, Tatiana is busy focussing on the VC process within the health tech market at Plug and Play. She believes it is an unprecedented chance to learn top-notch tools and methodology from the largest corporate innovations platform in the world. After graduation, Tatiana plans to work in the corporate innovations sphere.

“That is why I want to discover financial best practices and advance my international experience in the field,” said Tatiana. “I’m gaining more confidence to act on financial information by continuously exchanging ideas with my peers. Also, I’m learning how to help start-ups thrive in a highly competitive world.

“Reviewing new business deals with a world-class VC is hard to beat.” Cédric Sedjro

Cedric is also enjoying his time in the programme because he’s delivering critical insights to allow Plug and Play to make better investments. Selected for the smart tech vertical, Cedric reviews 20+ decks per week, asking the right questions to determine how - and if - start-ups can thrive. He is looking forward to making high-level decisions requiring critical thinking, analysing financial returns, and figuring out whether an idea may or may not work strategically. Plus, refining his experience and developing a new innovative perspective through Plug n’ Play.

“Reviewing new business deals with a world-class VC is hard to beat. I want to gain a deeper understanding on how VCs make their financial decisions.” Cedric said. “It will be handy when I want to create my start up or help one evolve. There is true power in understanding the perspective of all parties.”

More Entrepreneurial Opportunities at EDHEC


There are many reasons why an MBA is a good choice for entrepreneurs. That is exactly why EDHEC’s Global MBA prioritises entrepreneurial curriculum and fosters opportunities for those interested in entrepreneurship.


The GMBA Entrepreneurship club is one example. Both Tatiana and Cedric are members and enjoy participating because it gives the opportunity to exchange and grow ideas.


“I am heavily involved in the club and I’m still learning quite a bit,” said Cedric. “We organize monthly talks with entrepreneurs from the Cote D’azur and Europe. Past speakers were Sebastien Aubert of Adastra Films, Severine Chardonnens of IDUN Technologies and Gnanli Landou from Oxara.”


Anyone considering an entrepreneurial future should consider EDHEC’s Global MBA Entrepreneurship specialisation track. This two-month tailored track allows you to explore your ideas in-depth, create a business plan, and even make a formal pitch to a panel of venture capitalists and business angels. The specialisation also gives students privileged access to EYE, EDHEC’s startup incubator.  


Entrepreneurship is at the heart of many MBAs. Whether they are part of the 10-20% of MBAs who start their own business or simply want to work with startups, developing the skills of an entrepreneur is vital to modern skillsets. EDHEC is proud to partner with Plug n’ Play and looks forward to the bright future of these four MBA entrepreneurs!


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