Ambassadors day: all gathered to prepare the future of EDHEC and its network!

Written on 13 February 2020.


Saturday 8 February. 110 ambassadors, EDHEC Alumni administrators and EDHEC staff members - from more than 10 countries including Singapore, South Africa, the United States, Russia or Vietnam ... - met at EDHEC Paris to discover the first elements of the EDHEC 2020-2025 strategic plan and discuss together how their EDHEC Alumni community can support EDHEC's ambitions for the coming years.

This 9th edition of the Ambassadors Day on the theme "The Alumni community, a committed player in the success of the 2020-2025 strategic plan" has brought together the most fervent EDHEC graduates in order to bring out ideas and good practices in leading the EDHEC community and increase the EDHEC reputation in France and abroad.

All gathered to prepare the future of EDHEC and its network!

The participants were warmly welcomed by Geoffroy Sardin, President EDHEC Alumni, and Martin Barbier, Executive Director EDHEC Alumni. They then met Emmanuel Métais, Director General of EDHEC Business School, who shared the first building blocks of the 2020-2025 EDHEC strategic plan which will guide the development of the school in the coming years.  
All of the participants joined separate workshops to share their good practices on running their network: managing a team of volunteers, organizing shining events, leading their community via social networks, adressing data issues, etc. The role of ambassador mobilizes so many skills and interpersonal skills that everyone was able to share their own recipe.  
After a networking lunch, Quentin Genissel, Pedagogical Innovation Director of Philosophie Magazine, broadened the debates with a philosophical speech about our fast changing society. Quoting well-known philosophers, he gave some keys to better understand the current societal changes and the challenges that await the future generations  
Finally, all participants worked in groups on the theme "The Alumni community, a committed player in the success of the EDHEC 2020-2025 strategic plan". Together they concluded this wonderful day by sharing a windfall of innovative ideas to accelerate the development of the EDHEC network.  
Congratulations to all of our volunteer ambassadors: your enthusiasm is contagious and suggests great successes for 2020!  


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Interested in an active role within the EDHEC network? Become an EDHEC Alumni ambassador! 
Positions are to be filled in several strategic clubs in France or abroad or even as an EDHEC Alumni E-influencer. For more information:

> Géraldine Simon, local and international club ambassadors
> Stéphanie Painchault, professional and leisure club ambassadors
> Thibault Vicq, company ambassadors
> Adeline Gondoux, animation of the EDHEC community on social networks





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