EDHEC Business School implements a refocused and more agile organisation to execute its “Impact Future Generations” strategic plan

EDHEC Business School announces a new internal governance organisation designed to respond effectively to the challenges of training young people in a complex world undergoing major upheaval. After…
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4 Sep 2020

EDHEC Business School announces a new internal governance organisation designed to respond effectively to the challenges of training young people in a complex world undergoing major upheaval.

After three years as Dean of EDHEC Business School, Emmanuel Métais is accelerating EDHEC’s transformation and setting up a streamlined Executive Committee comprising seven permanent members. This overhaul is geared to improving EDHEC’s agility in response to current challenges and to effectively executing the main strategic priorities in the School’s 2025 plan.

Following on from the health crisis and the major challenges it creates for the world of education, it is vital for EDHEC to continue to innovate and to develop our strategy by adapting it to the issues of digital, ecological transition and social responsibility. In order to achieve the School’s ambitions, I wanted to set up a more participatory and more agile governance method that fosters the engagement of our staff and simplifies decision-making processes, explains Emmanuel Métais, Dean of EDHEC Business School.

Streamlined governance to accelerate implementation of the “Impact Future Generations” strategic plan

Symbolising this change, a streamlined Executive Committee comprising six members under the leadership of Emmanuel Métais will oversee EDHEC’s strategic projects.

Benoît Arnaud, Director of Programmes: he will henceforth manage all EDHEC Business School’s programmes – Bachelors, Master in Management, MScs, MBAs, PhD in Finance, EDHEC Online and Executive Education.

Accompanying this initiative, the creation of a Programmes Department is geared to fulfilling dual objectives enshrined in EDHEC’s strategic plan, namely to foster the hybridisation of knowledge and competencies, and to encourage synergies and promote innovation within EDHEC’s portfolio of programmes. This mission, entrusted to Benoît Arnaud, testifies to the School’s confidence in Benoît and recognition of his role in the success of EDHEC Online and the development of Executive Education.

The other members of the Executive Committee are :

  • Christophe Roquilly, Associate Dean for Faculty and Research
  • Anne Zuccarelli, Director of the Student Experience
  • Richard Perrin, International Director
  • Claire Bergery-Noël, Head of the Dean’s Office and Corporate Communications
  • A General Secretary – currently being recruited - in charge of Finance and Human Resources

Transversal and agile management for harmonious roll-out of the strategic plan

A Senior Management Committee has been set up to involve all EDHEC’s management team in the execution of the School’s strategic projects. Comprising representatives of senior management, this concertation and discussion body will work collectively on the implementation of the School’s development priorities. In addition, the Management Committees of each Business Unit will now include representatives of other Business Units, with the remit of speeding the execution of decisions and responses to the main issues in the strategic plan.

Three task forces devoted to major educational transformations

Three task forces have been set up to focus on three flagship projects contained in the 2020-2025 plan: hybridisation of programmes, data/AI and sustainable business. These projects, embodying major challenges for the world of education and EDHEC, will benefit from particular attention from the Executive Committee and from transversal expertise brought by the School’s various Business Units.

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