EDHEC Business School teams up with Imperial College to create FOME, an international platform for 100% online diplomas

Written on 23 November 2018.

EDHEC Business School joins FOME, the Future of Management Education alliance

To mark the launch of EDHEC Online, its new strategic project, EDHEC Business School co-founds the international Future of Management Education (FOME) alliance, alongside Imperial College and five other prestigious world-class business schools and universities.
This alliance creates the first platform for 100% online diplomas, centred on the student’s needs. FOME combines technological and teaching expertise to transform the global market for remote learning.


FOME (Future of Management Education) is designed to revolutionise online education

EDHEC is the only French business school to have been chosen by Imperial College to join the new international FOME alliance, alongside ESMT Berlin, BI Norwegian Business School, SMU Singapore, Ivey Business School and Melbourne Business School.

“With the launch of EDHEC Online and by joining FOME, EDHEC Business School is positioning itself at the forefront of the multi-campus model of the future” - Emmanuel Métais, Dean of EDHEC Business School.

Designed by Insendi, a spin-off of the Edtech lab founded by Imperial College Business School, FOME enables EDHEC to make the highest-quality content, driven by cutting-edge technological innovations, available to the greatest possible number. Examples include social augmented learning, which allows groups to work together remotely, holograms to enable lecturers to join the class from the other side of the globe, and adaptive learning to personalise each student’s education.

“With the launch of EDHEC Online and by joining FOME, EDHEC Business School is positioning itself at the forefront of the multi-campus model of the future. We can now offer our students a multitude of opportunities for obtaining diplomas with the highest level of academic and technological excellence, equipping them with the tools to succeed in a rapidly-changing world. On a global market for online training that is quickly expanding, estimated to be worth more than $180 billion, we are intent on establishing EDHEC as a key player,” explains Emmanuel Métais, Dean of EDHEC Business School.


EDHEC Online: a catalyst of pedagogic innovation

EDHEC Business School is a pioneer in online diplomas (CSM Online, PhD in blended learning, BBA Online) and is now boosting its digital development with the launch of its new business unit EDHEC Online. From Bachelor’s programmes to its Executive and MBA courses, EDHEC Online targets the world’s future managers and professionals wherever they may be.

  • Underpinning this is the principle of learning and success through a “proximity e-learning” approach. This approach offers each participant both individual and collective support (equivalent to intensive personalised coaching) to help them succeed in a seamless learning environment across a range of mediums (tablet, mobile phone, social networks, shared apps, etc.) and with different levels of interaction (alone, group work or all programme participants together).
  • Key partnerships in the Edtech labs to enrich the learning experience. Training programmes with a “mobile first” design to meet participants’ demand for flexibility and provide them with an enriched student experience. EDHEC Online will rely on the support of key actors using cutting-edge technologies (adaptive learning, micro learning, social learning and mobile learning). An example of this is the partnership agreement just signed with Teach on Mars, a leader on the mobile learning market, to develop a dedicated application for a fun learning approach to management (quizzes, videos, innovative collaborative schemes, etc.).

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