Exploring the Convergence of Technology and Business: Krakow, a Fresh Destination for Master’s Learning Expedition

Recently, a cohort of master’s students embarked on a learning expedition in Krakow, Poland, a city steeped in history and culture yet emerging as a vibrant hub for technology and innovation. Organised as part of their academic curriculum, this five-day journey aimed to provide students with a deeper understanding of technology strategy and its intersection with business models.

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16 May 2024
Learning Expedition - Krakow


Denis Dauchy, Professor of Business Strategy and Past Director of EDHEC's Executive MBA, along with Siqi Huang, a participating student from the MSc in Marketing Analytics, shared their experiences and insights from this excursion.


Denis, to which master's programmes is this Learning Expedition dedicated?


This Learning Expedition is dedicated to all MSc programmes, particularly the MSc in Strategy, Organisation & Consulting as well as the MSc in Global and Sustainable Business, the MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, the MSc in Marketing Management, and the MSc in Marketing Analytics.



Why was this destination chosen?


Krakow was selected for its thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, especially in the tech and SaaS (Software as a Service) sectors. Additionally, Poland's dynamic economic landscape provided a rich backdrop for exploring technology strategy and its intersection with business models.



How does this Learning Expedition contribute to the success of the programme?


By immersing students in a different ecosystem, this expedition fosters openness and exposes them to real-world business scenarios. Direct engagement with industry practitioners enhances students' understanding and prepares them for the challenges of the modern workforce.



What are the main objectives of this Learning Expedition?


The primary objectives are to understand the impact of technologies on business strategies, grasp the diversity of business models related to information technology, and visualise the interaction between the Polish ecosystem and the dynamics of companies.



How will participating in this Learning Expedition help students with their career goals?


Participation in this expedition will enable students to position themselves within technology-related companies and enhance their intercultural sensitivity.


Siqi, summarise your experience on this learning expedition in three words.


Insightful, Enjoyable, Educational.


Did this learning expedition meet or differ from your expectations? Was it a positive or negative surprise?


The learning tour exceeded my expectations, offering a blend of Poland's traditional culture and cutting-edge technological solutions. Interacting with employees from innovative tech startups and companies was particularly inspiring, enhancing my knowledge of the latest technologies, methodologies, and concepts. The direct engagement with industry leaders was both enlightening and motivating. I am grateful to EDHEC for this valuable experience.


Which company visit stood out to you the most during this learning expedition? What made it memorable?


The trip to Ailleron was particularly memorable due to its impactful innovations in the finance sector using artificial intelligence. Ailleron's standout feature is its unique application of AI in the banking sector, enhancing customer experiences with solutions like videobot technology. Additionally, their AI enhances banking apps by providing advice and support to individual user behaviours. Ailleron's unique approach to combining AI with personalised customer service in Krakow's vibrant tech scene made this visit unforgettable.


Is the technology strategy content discussed during the expedition applicable to what you studied in the MSc in Marketing Analytics? How? 


The technological strategies explored during the learning expedition, such as cross-channel data integration and real-time data processing, are crucial for modern marketing analytics. Real-time processing allows for immediate insights during critical marketing periods, adjusting strategies based on live consumer data and inventory levels. Additionally, the integration of diverse data sources provides a holistic view of the customer journey across different platforms, improving the precision of marketing efforts. Observing these strategies in practice at Polish startups highlighted their effectiveness in facilitating dynamic and informed marketing decisions, directly enhancing the methods used in my studies of Marketing Analytics.


Do you think this learning expedition will influence your career choices?


Yes, this educational journey has strengthened my decisions about my career. My decision to pursue this subject has been strengthened by seeing directly how technology—particularly in the area of Marketing Analytics—is implemented in actual business circumstances.



Learning Expedition - Krakow
16 May 2024
Exploring the Convergence of Technology and Business: Krakow, a Fresh Destination for Master’s Learning Expedition
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