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Our origins are the creators of diversity. They are that essential ingredient that guarantees innovation and audacious concepts. That inevitable mix of mindshare and circumstance are the protagonists…
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17 Jun 2021

Our origins are the creators of diversity. They are that essential ingredient that guarantees innovation and audacious concepts. That inevitable mix of mindshare and circumstance are the protagonists of genius and real change. Indeed, diversity ensures success.

EDHEC Business School is a strong believer of diversity and the success stories which it inevitably brings. Every year, EDHEC welcomes its students from across the world. The selection process is tough but whether its students are from small far-flung villages or capital cities, EDHEC has no boundaries. Indeed, for EDHEC Business School diversity is an integral ingredient as to why its students are so successful.

Marco Taliercio, born in the small, beautiful, town of Procida in Italy, is yet another example of an EDHEC Business School student-driven by determination and success. Admitted to GE’s Financial Management Program, he is on the brink of a very successful career. We took our time to interview him and ask him about this achievement, his motivations, and his vision for his future career.

Before we start, can you tell me a little about your origins?

I’m Italian... I come from the south of Italy from the island in the Gulf of Naples called Procida. It’s a small island and which is possibly most famous for the film Il Postino, in fact! I was educated there right through until I was 19. At 19, I made a radical change in my life: I took the decision to leave my island. It was a tough choice as most people stay. I decided, at first, to study at a business school in Milan where I studied Business Administration and Management. In the final year of this bachelor's, I discovered corporate finance which inspired me a lot. I realised gradually how I love numbers and I really enjoy giving numbers a sense. For me, anything to do with numbers involves a lot of creativity. That’s why I chose to study Finance at EDHEC Business School in the Financial Economics Track in Nice.

Why did you choose EDHEC which is far away from your hometown?

I did a lot of research and saw that the teaching staff are exceptional, and most have studied at Ivy League schools and top business schools around the world. So, I knew that the quality of teaching would be exceptional. I also saw that it has a highly reputed Careers Centre which, I guess, kind of guarantees a graduate to be hired in the top multinational companies! Isis Descormiers and Kerstin Fischer gave me excellent support throughout my time in EDHEC.

I also think another reason was that I have always been interested in discovering new places and cultural diversity. Being part of an international environment not only keeps you agile but it's both challenging and testing. I am passionate about traveling and discovering new cultures and concepts, so this was another big motivator.

Tell me about what you are doing just now?

Sure… I’m working at General Electric (GE) in Milan mainly within the Gas Power Heavy Duty New Units division. I started this internship at the start of June 2020, and it will last until the end of July. Within Gas Power, I am a member of the OTR Finance team, which stands for “Order to Remittance”, a process that includes all of the activities required to complete an order and invoice the customer. It is pretty operational as it involves bookings, cost analysis, and reporting related to the day-to-day operational execution of the projects, which in this case is the construction of power plants. Throughout the year I also had the opportunity to go beyond the scope within the Gas Power business and partially support other businesses. This way I had the possibility to also learn more about FP&A (Financial Planning and Analysis) activities: analysis, forecasting, and budgeting of the income statement. After this, I will start the GE Financial Management Program (FMP).

Can you tell me about the FMP?

Yes, I have been selected for a two-year career development programme designed to develop growth. It’s structured so that you can combine coursework with a variety of job assignments. I’ll join this in July. With the FMP, I will get to develop four areas in corporate finance, and it is designed to give me the right business skills to go on to leadership positions. It will be very intense and very stimulating.

Is the FMP selection process highly competitive?

Yes, it is. It was a real challenge for me as the selection process is rigorous. It started with an interview with HR and was followed by an assessment day with group exercises and a round of interviews with management. I had 4 interviews; each lasting around 30 minutes. Although it was tough, it was a great experience and very enjoyable. GE made me feel comfortable which helped during the selection process.

Why is this programme important to you?

Because it develops your career and your capacity to be a good manager. I believe that a sound financial background is important in whatever avenue you chose. Having such a background certainly makes for a better manager. It’s a clear advantage because it allows a manager to have a clearer vision of the company that he or she is working in.

You have certainly made a great start in your career. As you know, here at EDHEC we say “Make an Impact”. Are you confident that you will?

Well, I hope so. GE’s motto, funnily enough, is “Inspira” or in English “Imagination at work.” GE is dedicated to making an impact on the future. They encourage their employees to express their ideas, suggest changes and so participate actively in the company. They want their employees to strive for innovation. I would say therefore that EDHEC’s ethos is very similar to theirs. It’s certain that this ethos will help me to be an integral part of the change through the exchange of ideas and concepts.

What is most important for you to achieve a successful career?

Well, I guess for me there would be two things… I play basketball and I love it. When you play in a team there is one thing you learn; you will have many different characters with different skills. I think one of the most important things here is to make sure you embrace diversity and learn from it.

I also think that, apart from your academic skills, the most important thing is to stay genuine. Success for me is also about how you behave to others, understanding their needs, and showing others that you are honest and sincere. If I can do this well in my career and show that I am honest and sincere, this will be my best achievement.

Do you see yourself going back to your home region to share your expertise?

Yes, I do eventually; however not in the near- future. So, yes, I would like to give back. I love the South of Italy and where I come from but, I must be honest, my first priority will be developing my expertise and a sound career path for the future.


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