An Insightful Experience in the Global Master in Management – GETT Programme : Xiao Aiwei's Journey

Explore Aiwei Xiao's journey with the EDHEC's Global Master in Management - GETT programme and how business can be a crucial tool for positive change.

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27 May 2024


XIAO Aiwei completed her undergraduate studies in Applied Economics at the University of Science and Technology in Macau, laying a solid foundation for her entry into the EDHEC's Global Master in Management – GETT programme in 2023. The programme, cantered around core business courses and digital transformation trends, aims to cultivate courageous and wise business leaders. The three-country learning experience also provides students with a unique international perspective. Here, she shares her application journey and initial experiences as a new student at EDHEC.


Before joining EDHEC, what was your undergraduate major?

Before joining EDHEC, I studied Applied Economics in Macau. This major not only focused on issues in the field of economic mathematics but also included many business-related courses, which are core courses in business schools. Through my accumulated experiences during my undergraduate studies and internships, I gradually developed a strong interest in using data science to make strategic decisions in the business world. This is also the main reason why I chose the Global Master in Management - GETT programme.


Can you briefly explain why you chose to join EDHEC?

I chose EDHEC because of its excellent academic reputation and its reputation for preparing students for successful careers in the business world, with outstanding career services. But what impressed me the most was the school's focus on the future and its determination to transform business into a positive force. EDHEC instils these values in students and inspires us to demonstrate bold and innovative attitudes in everything we do. This resonated with me because I believe that business can be an important tool for creating positive change in society.


Why did you choose the Global Master in Management - GETT programme?

Firstly, the programme's setup across three countries was very appealing, offering us the opportunity to study and live on three different continents. This experience itself would be a very unique one in life. I chose EDHEC's Global Master in Management - GETT programme because I am passionate about digital transformation and data analysis. Through this programme, I will gain in-depth knowledge of the latest trends and developments in digital transformation and data analysis, and acquire some widely applicable skills, which is exactly what I am looking forward to.



How did you learn about the Future Chinese Alumni High Impact Scholarship at EDHEC?

I saw information about the scholarship on WeChat, which provided detailed information.


Was the process of applying for this scholarship complex?

Starting from receiving the admission notice, I needed to write a self-recommendation letter and participate in an interview organized by the school, including some random topics and two essays. After that, we would know the results. After obtaining the scholarship, we would receive an updated admission notice with the reduced tuition amount.


How does receiving this scholarship help you?

Firstly, this scholarship is very important to me. It provides an additional 5% tuition discount on top of my existing scholarship, and I am very grateful for that. Secondly, I also have the opportunity to become a student ambassador, participating in more school activities, interacting with other Chinese alumni, and contributing to the development of the alumni association. I think this is a very precious and honourable experience, and we will be more united and stronger together.


When you first came to EDHEC, what was your first impression of it?

First and foremost, what impressed me the most was that the teachers at the EDHEC Student Affairs Office were very responsible and efficient. They provided unparalleled convenience, helping us with administrative procedures and daily affairs.


What is the teaching method and content of the programme?

For example, in the Strategic Management and Innovation course, we need to collaborate with actual companies or organizations, understand the strategic issues they are facing, and provide solutions for them. I think such courses allow us to have practical contact with the industry, understand real-world problems, and apply textbook knowledge to practical scenarios. The Global Master in Management - GETT programme also provides many opportunities for corporate sharing and visits, such as Ubisoft, Malt, etc., where we can be exposed to the most practical industry topics and stimulate our thinking.



What is your impression of the EDHEC Paris campus?

Our programme's campus a beautiful and compact campus situated in an ancient and magnificent building not far from the opera house. Despite the small campus size, it has complete facilities, and the learning environment is very good. In our free time, we can conveniently explore Paris in the surrounding cities and enjoy the local cuisine.


In studying in France, do you find it challenging to adapt to life and the pace of study?

For me, the biggest difficulty is the language. However, EDHEC offers French courses for international students, helping us grasp the basics of French conversation, which is very meaningful. For other issues encountered in life, we can find answers through Chinese social media, and classmates in the class group are also willing to provide help and answers.


What are your future plans and aspirations (academic, professional, personal, etc.)?

Since our programme requires a one-year internship, I plan to first look for relevant internship opportunities and then determine my career path.


Do you have any advice for students who want to apply for the Global Master in Management - GETT programme?

Firstly, prepare application materials as early as possible, ensuring that you have the required GMAT/GRE scores and language scores. During the interview, fully tap into your characteristics, have a deep understanding of your past experiences, and be able to accurately articulate them in the interview. In addition, have a clear understanding of your future career plans, which will greatly help in the interview. Focus on the leadership and industry thinking issues emphasised by the GETT programme in your preparation.




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