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Studying at EDHEC not only equipped Claudia with new skills and knowledge but also built a new level of confidence in her. One of her most significant takeaways was learning to navigate cultural differences and diverse personalities.

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2 Jan 2024

Claudia Carrone, an experienced business consultant from Argentina, was working in the U.S. when the allure of French culture and the prospect of world-class education enticed her to take a life changing-decision. She sought a change and wanted to switch from consultancy to take her career in an entirely new direction, to get into the world of education and pedagogical innovation. An MBA was the best course of action to do so, she decided.

Choosing France and EDHEC: A unique blend of education and culture


EDHEC's reputation for excellence, its innovative approach to education, and the school's commitment to diversity drew Claudia to EDHEC’s Global MBA programme. Whilst many of her classmates wanted to make a switch into consulting, Claudia wanted change from it. And because EDHEC’s Global MBA offers so many options for personalisation, you can tailor it to suit your needs. “And pretty much everyone in my class had a different background and therefore different goals and motivations.”


The EDHEC Global MBA programme, with its high degree of personalisation through electives and specialisation tracks, served as a launchpad for Claudia's career shift. She chose the Digital Innovation track and crafted her final MBA project around digital innovation in education. This decision was a pivotal point in Claudia's career trajectory, which soon saw her exploring the opportunity of contributing to EDHEC's Pedagogical Innovation Laboratory, known as PiLab. The CareerSMART programme also played a crucial role during this transition, offering valuable tools and guidance in the process of her job search.


The transformational power of diversity


Studying at EDHEC not only equipped Claudia with new skills and knowledge but also built a new level of confidence in her. One of her most significant takeaways was learning to navigate cultural differences and diverse personalities. This exposure to diverse groups made Claudia appreciate the strength in diversity and understand how synergies created by different perspectives can lead to innovative solutions.

"Now, in my everyday work, I apply these skills. It's amazing what can be achieved when people from different backgrounds come together with a common goal! By studying alongside people from all over the world, I gained a new perspective on business topics, on pedagogical innovation, and on life in general," Claudia remarks. Living in Nice, France, “was nothing short of amazing” for her. From enjoying in the local cuisine to exploring the local landscape, Claudia created memories that would last a lifetime.

Making an impact in Pedagogical Innovation Post-MBA


After completing her MBA, Claudia joined EDHEC’s PiLab as a Digital Learning Consultant and Instructional Designer. Her role at the PiLab involves transforming traditional teaching methods into engaging, interactive, and personalised learning experiences.


“The PiLab aims to enhance the teaching and learning experience for students, professors, and researchers alike. This hub is designed to help educators transform traditional teaching methods into engaging, interactive and personalized learning experiences. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and expert facilitators, its main objective consists of implementing effective and innovative pedagogical practices.


My role is all about staying ahead of the curve when it comes to innovative teaching and learning technologies. I get to work with all kinds of cutting-edge tools and platforms. Our team collaborates with faculty to design and develop engaging courses (face-to-face, hybrid, online), we train students – around 3000 per year! - and educators – in-house professors plus around 650 temporary lecturers - in mastering new digital skills, and we implement the latest trends and best practices in digital pedagogy. We recently launched a certification about blended teaching and learning for our professors.”


A firm believer in the power of creativity and innovation, Claudia thrives when confronted with complex challenges. The art of problem-solving, troubleshooting, and pioneering new methods to vitalise education, is her professional playground. "I feel incredibly lucky to be part of a team that is always pushing the boundaries of what is possible in education."


Claudia's journey from her MBA to her role in PiLab illustrates the transformative power of education. She continues to leave an indelible mark at EDHEC and beyond, proving that with the right education and determination, one can pivot their career path to a whole new field and make significant contributions.

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