A new MSc in Data Analytics & Digital Business for training tomorrow’s decision-makers

A very high-level programme offering unique learning experiences Four partners at the forefront of innovation in their fields of expertise Press Release Lille, 11 December 2017 – Data is at the core…
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10 Dec 2017



  • A very high-level programme offering unique learning experiences
  • Four partners at the forefront of innovation in their fields of expertise


Press Release


Lille, 11 December 2017Data is at the core of the economic revolution currently challenging corporate strategies. The ability to participate fully in this revolution requires solid scientific expertise combined with business and management skills. This new EDHEC Master is consequently designed to bridge the gap between data specialists and managers.


Launched in September on the Lille campus, the new MSc in Data Analytics & Digital Business teaches students a common language intelligible both to data scientists and managers, with the ultimate aim of training future leaders capable of playing a central role in tomorrow’s decisions. These dual-competency profiles are rare and highly sought-after by employers.


The first year of this all-in-English programme comprises some 40 students selected from EDHEC’s Master in Management programme, engineering schools or other high-level academic institutions.


At the start of the year students had the choice between several innovative learning methods.


After successfully negotiating the selection process, some 15 students joined the Le Wagon programme on EDHEC’s Lille campus. Le Wagon is providing new expertise through its partnership with the MSc in Data Analytics & Digital Business. 


Rated the world’s leading coding bootcamp in 2017[1], Le Wagon operates in 20 countries through an international network of 2,500 students. It aims to deliver technical know-how to creative minds, particularly through a 9-week intensive programme that gives students the autonomy to develop their own web products. After a series of different modules, the objective is to ensure students are “capable of rapidly prototyping their ideas, by using their autonomy to create rich and comprehensive web applications”.


The other cohort opted to follow classes with our partner OpenClassrooms, the leading European online educational platform. Students used the OpenClassrooms platform to train themselves in digital marketing and web development, while benefiting from personalised mentoring.   


Both cohorts were required to submit projects. Thanks to these partnerships, students reaped the benefit of very high-level training, focused on learning-by-doing and serving as an introduction to the first semester of their course.


Students on the MSc in Data Analytics & Digital Business can also harness the expertise of the programme’s new corporate sponsor, Deloitte Digital. This Deloitte entity has created a new business model that combines a digital agency and a consultancy in order to pool the competencies of both worlds. Deloitte Digital is endowed with the strategic approach of a consultancy, the creative skills of an agency and the technical expertise of a technology firm. The company’s various teams combine different capabilities to produce integrated solutions designed to assist businesses in their projects geared to designing services and experiences for their clients


During this first academic year, Deloitte Digital will make several interventions in the form of presentation and keynote speeches as well as several practical cases designed to engage students in practical and collaborative analytical exercises.


Lastly, certain students on the MSc programme are taking part in two projects run with the 42 programmers’ school as part of the Matrice innovation and start-up programme.


The first project, “Smart City Monaco”, is designed to have students think about ways of creating a smart city in Monaco. Tourism and its development are two particular focuses of study.


The second project, “Digital Confidence and Blockchain”, run in partnership with the be-ys group, helps students explore the new opportunities originating from blockchain (smart contracts), big data and deep learning technologies, and thereby discover new markets and areas for innovation in the field of sensitive data management.


These two 10-month experiences give students the opportunity to experience all phases of a project: ideas-seeding, incubation, development/prototyping and practical realisation, all within a stimulating and multi-disciplinary environment.


Students on the MSc in Data Analytics & Digital Business are also encouraged to develop entrepreneurial projects, by working in partnership with their counterparts on EDHEC’s MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation.


For more information on the academic programme:


“Our new MSc is designed to train a new generation of managers, equipped with both scientific and business skills, and capable of devising innovative strategies in response to the numerous challenges businesses face from the digital revolution. I am particularly keen to thank our partners for their engagement and support since the programme was created”, explains Florian Pelgrin, Director of EDHEC Business School’s MSc in Data Analytics & Digital Business.


[1] Source: SwitchUp :


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