Rania Labaki on “Supporting business transfers in Europe's regions and cities” at the European Week of Regions and Cities – EER workshop

Written on 08 December 2017.


Rania Labaki, Director of the EDHEC Family Business Center, was invited to participate to the European Entrepreneurial Region (EER) Workshop during the European Week of the Regions and Cities held from 9th of October to the 12th in Brussels.


The workshop was intended to discuss different schemes and instruments implemented by EER regions and other territories, as well as the different issues relevant to this policy area. The aim was to allow regional and local authorities in Europe to obtain information about existing initiatives and instruments in support of business transfers and exchange good practices in this field.

Rania Labaki discussed the challenges that European family businesses are currently facing with an emphasis on the French context. As such, she shared findings from the research projects that the EDHEC Family Business Centre is undertaking on the topic of family business transfer.

This included preliminary contributions of the ARTISAN Project “AspiRing enTrepreneurIal families to perpetuate cultural buSiness Across geNerations”, funded by the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education, since EDHEC Business School is part of the European Consortiums of partners .


Her quote mentioned in the Proceedings of the European Week of Regions and Cities summarizes the major insights of her contribution: “Business families need to deal with emotional dynamics and taxation dilemmas while perpetuating the entrepreneurial spirit in harmony with their communities. Research, education and collaboration efforts on these dimensions, such as those initiated by the EDHEC Family Business Centre, can help inspire and support these businesses in thriving over generations”.





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