Your Gateway to Professional Triumph: EDHEC’s Master in Management – Finance Track

Explore how EDHEC’s tailored Master in Management – Finance Track uniquely prepares you for a thriving career success in the finance sector, blending world-class education with essential work experience and tailored career support. 

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21 May 2024


Introduction to EDHEC’s Master in Management – Finance Track

EDHEC’s Master in Management – Finance track is  designed to guarantee career success in the finance sector. By combining rigorous academics, internships, and personalised career support, this programme equips you to secure top finance roles. Discover how our Master in Finance Management prepares you for professional triumph.


Key Features of the Programme


Holistic Academic Approach

EDHEC’s Master in Management – Finance track is a comprehensive academic curriculum designed to offer you a 360-degree perspective on finance, with a specialisation in your final year to ensure readiness for diverse career paths within the finance sector.


Real-World Experience Through Internships 

Understanding the importance of practical experience, our Master in Finance Management includes a full year of internships allowing you to apply your academic knowledge in professional settings, enhancing your skills and making you an attractive candidate in the job market.

Personalised Career Support and Outcomes

EDHEC’s Career Centre offers personalised coaching and mentoring, focusing on resume building, interview preparation, and professional networking. The centre’s dedicated efforts are reflected in the high employment rates of graduates, with many securing positions at prestigious financial institutions globally.



Blending Theory with Practice


Structure of the Programme: Academics and Internships

This Master in Management - Finance track combines academic study with practical internships, promoting a strong understanding of both theoretical and applied finance. This approach ensures you are well-prepared and flexible across different professional settings.


You have the generalist perspective, then you apply your learning in real-word settings and gain hands-on experience, and finally, you embark on a more specialised perspective depending on your own taste.Explains Laurent Deville, Programme Director.


The gap year is indubitably the most important step of the programme: for most students - including myself - it represented the first real chance to shine in the job market. It is first of all an opportunity to practically learn how to apply in a concrete way the theoretical knowledge acquired in class, and, secondly, the best way we have to understand what we really like to do “outside school”.” Testifies Lorenzo Perlini, MiM – Finance Track student.


EDHEC’s Career Centre: Tailored Career Support


Preparing you for the Finance Industry

EDHEC's Career Centre plays an essential role in your success. It provides personalised career guidance, including fine-tuning applications, preparing for interviews, and offering mock interviews tailored to specific fields. The Career Centre bridges the gap between academics and the industry,  connecting you with internships and job opportunities to ensure you are well-prepared for the demands of the finance industry. 


A unique and distinguished aspect of our approach lies in the specialised structure of EDHEC’s Career Centre with a team dedicated to Finance. This specialised approach is a very differentiating strength when it comes to supporting our students and places us in the 1st position in France (FT 2023 MiM), a testament to our commitment to student success. One of our strongest assets of the Career Centre is that we provide students with individual meetings, individual coaching. We try to consider the long-term perspective and we set together a real proper strategy for each student.” Chloé Levy, Career Centre Manager of the Finance track.


Extensive Global Professional Network


Networking Opportunities and Alumni Engagement

From the moment you join the Master in Management – Finance track programme, you become part of EDHEC’s strong alumni network. You'll participate in various events, such as the Finance Fair, Finance Career Days, Audit Days, Finance Recruitment Days, Treks to Paris, London, and Luxembourg, and alumni insights sessions. These opportunities are designed to connect you with industry experts, former graduates, and potential employers, enhancing your network and exposing you to real-world insights and opportunities.


International Exposure: Exchange Programmes with Top  Global Institutions


This Master in Finance Management offers exchange opportunities with prestigious institutions such as Stanford and MIT, providing you with exceptional international exposure and learning opportunities. These opportunities enhance your understanding of global financial markets and increase your competitive edge in the finance industry.


"Our exchange programmes include partnerships with top institutions like Berkeley, MIT, and Stanford, and international opportunities in Asia and Europe, featuring double degrees and exchange programmes."  Laurent Deville, Programme Director.


I participated in an exchange summer programme at Stanford University, which was truly one of the best experiences of my life. Living on campus and taking classes with Stanford students enhanced my network and added significant value to my CV. EDHEC offers diverse international opportunities, including Double Degree programmes at prestigious institutions like Berkeley University and MIT. These enriching study abroad options are highly beneficial. Overall, my experience was extremely rewarding.” Lorenzo Perlini



Tailored Specialisations


Choosing the Right Path: Specialisation Options

In your final year, you will choose a specialisation that aligns with your career goals. Each MSc is designed to deepen your expertise in specific areas of finance. 

In my final year, I chose the MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking . I really enjoyed an investment banking class taught by a managing director at Credit Agricole with a lot of experience in M&A. It was insightful because he effectively demonstrated what banks and companies require. Additionally, EDHEC provides numerous opportunities to interact with professionals through both in class and in networking events. I believe this is crucial for education at EDHEC and extremely beneficial for students.” Lorenzo Perlini, MiM – Finance Track student.


Learning from Industry Experts

The programme’s partnership with financial experts brings real-world insights into the classroom, enriching the learning experience and preparing you for the complexities of the finance industry. 

During my MSc, I had the opportunity to represent EDHEC at the PwC Business Deals Cup, a competition among various schools. Although we did not win the competition, we reached the finals and gained valuable networking opportunities, for which I am very grateful. At EDHEC, we are never short of chances to network.” Continues Lorenzo.



Securing a Position at PwC: The Impact of EDHEC’s Networking Opportunities


A Student’s Journey to Professional Success

Lorenzo Perlini’s journey to securing a position at PwC highlights the effectiveness of EDHEC’s world-class education and networking strategies. His experience emphasises how targeted preparation and opportunities provided by EDHEC can lead to significant career achievements.

I secured a full-time position in Paris, specifically in the Deals Division of PwC, thanks to EDHEC. My participation in the school's representation at the PwC competition opened doors to a more facilitated process. Overall, EDHEC consistently offers opportunities like this, ensuring Master in Management – Finance track t students secure their job before graduation.” Says Lorenz Perlini.




21 May 2024
Your Gateway to Professional Triumph: EDHEC’s Master in Management – Finance Track
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