Students, find the right idea to start a business !

Students, you would like to have a business idea ? The EDHEC Entrepreneurs Incubator offers you the opportunity to boost your creativity finding good ideas. "Ideation Workshops" are organized 100%…
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9 Nov 2020

Students, you would like to have a business idea ?

The EDHEC Entrepreneurs Incubator offers you the opportunity to boost your creativity finding  good ideas.
"Ideation Workshops" are organized 100% Online. These workshops are friendly gatherings to help you develop your creativity, get you to think differently and help you find ideas that are out of the ordinary.


Point of view of Lei and Léo -  Ideation Workshop October 2020 / 100 % Online


Lei SU,  Chinese Student - MSc in Corporate Finance and Banking 2022, EDHEC Nice Campus

"I registered for this Ideation session to discover more about entrepreneurs community and resources in EDHEC.
This session went really well, learned about the resources and EDHEC services put in place to support entrepreneurs students (from the idea to the development and the acceleration of a project). I also discovered some EDHEC success stories which are helpful and encouraging for making our own story.
I took away with good ideas for startups. I know more about the process of launching with the help of EDHEC. I Would recommend this workshop to anyone who’s interested in Entrepreneurship. It’s useful to take all the help you can reach to.

According to me entrepreneurship is an exciting experience in life, and it represent an opportunity to make direct impact."






Léo Truchet, French Student - MIM in Financial Economics 2023 - EDHEC Nice Campus

"I sign up for this session to understand how and when you can start a project. I registered to receive some tips.

The session was clear, well organized and very interactive. From a more technical point of view, I would remember that having an idea is good but being able to execute it well with the right team is more important.

I would definitely recommend this workshop.
It helps to understand a clear path for generating ideas and it can be used anywhere to reflect on the project.

I love entrepreneurship mindset : I love the way you can create and I like the idea that with the right tools, the right network, you can do almost anything.
Entrepreneurship also allows us to work with many people from very different backgrounds."



Sabrina Boughagha, EDHEC Entrepreneurs manager

"The keys for a successful Ideation session is to create interactions between the students. Start by the basics and the theoretical part but quicly switch to a practical session by making group works.

It was a big challenge to adapt this session online. To connect and make them speak, we experimented an ice breaker ! All the persons speak at the beginning and it helps to create interactions for the session. Also it is important to make all the participants feel confident about the fact we are here to work all together to improve.

These workshops are created for students to make them realized that they are able to generate concrete business ideas. It is also a way to show that entrepreneurship is open to anybody, whenever you are and your background.

These sessions bring to students confidence and also the possibility to finish the session with an idea they can developp within the incubator."






>>> Students, become productive, innovative & creative! Come and challenge your imagination during our next IDEATION sessions.


More info on the next meetings : [email protected]



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