Olga Kokshagina

Associate Professor

Foresight, Innovation and Transformation Chair Member<br />
Management in Innovative Health Chair Research Associate

Main contributions

Meditari Accountancy Research (2022), Innovation: Organization & Management (2021), Research Policy (2021), R&D Management (2021), Creativity and Innovation Management (2016 ; 2021), Industry and Innovation (2021), Technovation (2021), Technological Forecasting and Social Change (2017), Research in Engineering Design (2016 ; 2017)

Discipline: Entrepreneurship
Faculty: Strategy, Entrepreneurship & Operations
Expertise: Innovation management, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Design, Healthtech

Publications of Olga Kokshagina

19.03.2024 - EDHEC publication

Travail hybride : comment mieux comprendre et gérer les nouvelles « tensions paradoxales »

Olga Kokshagina, Sabrina Schneider

EDHEC VOX, March 2024

13.03.2024 - EDHEC publication

Is it enough to understand our mutual challenges to be able to address them?

Thomas B. Long, Olga Kokshagina, Riccardo Rebonato, Madlen Sobkowiak, Wim Vandekerckhove, Guergana Guintcheva, Hager Jemel-Fornetty, Joëlle Vanhamme

EDHEC VOX, March 2024

12.03.2024 - EDHEC publication

How can digital technology be used to transform society and build knowledge?

Olga Kokshagina

EDHEC VOX, March 2024

06.12.2023 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

The microfoundations of mission-led interdisciplinary collaborations: The role of design principles

Olga Kokshagina, Rafaela Costa Camoes Rabello, Katharina Ruckstuhl, Paul Woodfield, Susan Sandretto

R and D Management, December 2023

06.10.2023 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

The (un)intended consequences of multi-sided platform adoption for different actors in business networks

Joona Keränen, Mark Micallef, Olga Kokshagina

Industrial Marketing Management, October 2023, Pages 214 - 227

Derniers articles EDHEC Vox


Regulation of artificial intelligence: how exactly do you regulate a technology like this?

  • Olga Kokshagina , Associate Professor
  • Stan Karanasios , Queensland Univ.
  • Pauline Reinecke , Hamburg Univ.