Yenee Kim

Assistant Professor

Main contributions

Discipline: Marketing
Faculty: Marketing
Expertise: Consumer Information Processing, Sales Influence Tactics, Retailing


Yenee Kim holds a Ph.D. in Marketing and has been an Assistant Professor at EDHEC Business School since 2020. She presented her research at the American Marketing Association Academic Conferences, European Marketing Academy Annual Conferences, Association for Consumer Research Conference, and others. Her research interests are in information processing strategies, sales influence tactics, and retailing.  

Publications of Yenee Kim

22.03.2022 - Chapter publication

A Bottom of Pyramid perspective on Quality Education in the Tropics

Yenee Kim, Gupta Reetika, Mukherjee Malobi

Routledge Publishing, December 2021, Pages 1 - XX

18.03.2020 - Book publication

Business, Industry and Trade in the Tropics

Yenee Kim

March 2020