The Future Of Air Travel


Future of Projects – A Fresh approach From the FIT Chair

You may be confronted with threatening shifts, which if not managed efficiently can destabilize business models, organizational design, and their existence. We believe that transformational change can be best understood from different vantage points and best tackled with partners.

“Future of” projects are an innovative platform provided by the FIT Chair that bring together various partners (stakeholders) to jointly explore and shape the future of the industry. They provide the ability for multiple companies to create a forward view, identify different scenarios and alternative industry strategies and provide solutions to common challenges.

The Approach

  • The FIT “Future of” projects are viewed as a dynamic learning process involving our students as out-of-the-box thinkers and future customers. The FIT ‘Future of…’  projects bring the students in contact with real-life managerial problems under the supervision and guidance of expert faculty members.
  • The projects use an established and tested approach to identify the pain areas and solutions and test the viability of the solutions, with the involvement of the partnering companies. 
  • More specifically, the “Future of” project will run three phases: Scanning, Personas and Pain/Gains, and Innovations spread over a duration of one year. 





  • Watch this video from our recent ‘Future of Air Travel’ project 





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