The EDHEC Chair for Foresight, Innovation and Transformation has been created to:

Making organizations FIT to drive desirable futures for people, prosperity and planet

We work with our partners across 4 axes:



Self-assess your future preparedness with our Future FITness benchmarking model. Monitoring your Future FITness score over time helps to improve and to align your capabilities with the environmental complexity, volatility, hostility and your own strategic ambition. We regularly run benchmarking conferences and offer also benchmarking as a service.


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Develop your talent by attending one of our courses on strategic foresight, scenario-based planning, business wargaming, systematic trend management, and innovation and transformation in the digital era.

The EDHEC FIT Chair proposes Open and Customised Programmes.



Compare your Future FITness with other leading organizations in our network. We share best practices on trend radars, AI-based scanning tools and new planning and strategizing approaches. Our Future FITness model includes five interdependent capabilities. We offer you the opportunity to benchmark against the leading global firms. Here are the key capabilities that future prepared firms need.



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Transformation Is always a team sport. We help you become a transformational leader in your organization and also run every year a collaborative project which integrates different organizations across an industry ecosystem to drive transformational change.



Benefits for the Partnering Companies

  • Ideas and solutions for common challenges
  • Networking with thought leaders in the industry
  • Access to foresight platforms such as:

  • Participation Fees: each participating company will pay a cost-sharing fee.



Student projects

The FIT Chair has a number of engagement formats to co-develop innovations, marketing plans and strategic initiatives with students. The formats include:

  • Pre-Master class Strategic Foresight (Spring semester), students work on a challenge using trend scanning and scenario planning to provide partners with insights into alternatives strategic options and initiatives.
  • MSc class (final year) on Foresight & Strategic Design (Autumn semester), students work on challenges using trend scanning, design thinking and business model design to provide partners with solutions and first insights into desirability, technical feasibility and financial viability
  • MSc consulting projects (Spring semester), student teams of 3-5 work on projects with about 50% of their time for 5 months. Projects can be defined freely across the entire range of the FIT chair’s areas of expertise.

MBA consulting projects (May/June), international and often senior students work on projects that need to be defined by February and work on them 8 weeks in May/June of every year.








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