The International Students Office (ISO) is dedicated to support international students in any administrative procedures and daily life matters.

ISO team will be available anytime to facilititate your daily life in France with different topics such as accommodation related matters, immigration process, health, communication with our partners and any other practical matters. 

All along the year, we will also help you discover the French culture by organising different events (movie night, wine & cheese tasting, group outings)





Céline MARSY

"I am Céline, I love travelling the world and I enjoy playing badminton. I live close to the campus, if you have any questions about groceries, markets and events here around, I'd be happy to answer!"



"I am Yasmine and I've been working at EDHEC for 12 years. I love travelling, Frederic Chopin and Indian food. Looking forward to helping you make the best of your student experience."



Kathleen BERNARD

"I am Kathleen, I am a great reader and love discovering new cultures. I did a one-year exchange in Slovakia and Armenia. I sometimes can be a thrill-seeker and can suggest you some activities around."



"I am Palaman, I speak French, English, Spanish and I love discovering new cultures. I grew up in Nice and I will be delighted to suggest you some beautiful places to visit."




“I am Théo and I am passionate about geography, especially Latin America and Hispanic cultures. I grew up in Lille and I have lived in Madrid several times to study and teach French. I love being in contact with students. If you need recommendations about Lille or France in general, I would be happy to help you! Also, don’t hesitate to speak to me in Spanish!”



"Hi, my name is Leila, I grew up between the UAE, Slovakia, Hungary, and Lebanon. Before Nice, I used to live in a village close to St Tropez. If you like Latin culture, I’ll be happy to share the best places where you can dance Salsa in the region!"






"I come from Nice but as part of my educational background, I lived a few years in the UK and Paris. I love travelling all around the world and discovering cultures. Otherwise, I also like dogs, hiking and biking in the area."



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