Family Business highlights at the last EDHEC research seminars of the year

Written on 15 December 2017.

On the 14th of December 2017, two meetings were held at EDHEC campus in Lille on the theme of Family Business.

The members of the EDHEC Family Business Centre (EFBC) came together for the 4th EFBC quarterly research meeting of the year.

Professor Lorraine Uhlaner made a presentation on “Innovation in Family Businesses: Towards an extension of the Mittlestand study to other countries”.  Dr Djibrilla Moussa Ousseini presented his work-in-progress in collaboration with Professor Rania Labaki about “Public visibility of the business family and the cost of capital”.
Following the presentation, the participants to the meeting expressed their views and made constructive comments for the presenters to move their research forward.
After thoughtful exchanges, they also agreed to kick-off a collaborative project on family business innovation. This project is intended to extend the study co-published by Lorraine Uhlaner on innovation in the Mittlestand to French Intermediate Size Enteprises (ETI).
Towards the end of the meeting, EFBC members shared updates about their ongoing projects and exchanged about case studies development and students engagement on family business issues.

Following this meeting, The EDHEC Transdisciplinary research seminar was held with a presentation by Professor Fabian Bernhard, EFBC member, to a multidisciplinary audience of scholars.
The three studies he presented on “Self-conscious emotions and entrepreneurship:  entrepreneurial behavior, intent, and execution” triggered significant interest from the participants and provided insightful directions for a future development of the project in a family business setting.

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