Financing your MBA - are you eligible for a scholarship?

Scholarships can make a substantial contribution to your Global MBA budget. EDHEC's transparent scholarship policy means you know right from the start what you can factor into your budget calculations.

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27 Apr 2023

How to finance your Global MBA abroad is a critical question you need to think about before committing to an MBA programme. Bear in mind that, in addition to tuition fees, you will need to take into account costs of living, accommodation, insurance, travel and other factors. MBA scholarships can help ease some of the financial strain.


Find out now which scholarship you qualify for

Fostering excellence with MBA scholarships


Many business schools offer scholarships to help students pay for their MBA, (although sometimes it can be a little unclear to understand exactly what level of scholarship you might be entitled to). By ensuring that highly qualified students from different backgrounds can afford to accomplish an MBA, business schools like EDHEC ensure cohorts are as diverse as possible. This makes for a unique and inspiring learning experience for everyone. Our transparent Global MBA scholarship policy means that you will know right from the start which scholarship you qualify for.

Ensuring diversity and gender equality through scholarships


As a world-renowned business school, EDHEC is proud of attracting global talent. And we think that tuition fees should not hold you back from living your dream career thanks to a prestigious MBA. Therefore, we offer Excellence scholarship to those who achieve impressive GMAT (or GRE/TAGE MATE or Executive Assessment equivalent) scores. Depending on your score, you can save up to 50% of the tuition fees!


The Swati Kansal Memorial Scholarship for Women of Impact, is awarded to women prooving a strong desire to contribute to the school, to business and to society while demonstrating potential for leadership and career success.

Focus on sustainability


True to our ambition to ‘make an impact’, we have created our ‘Make an impact’ scholarship. Created in 2019, this scholarship rewards Global MBA candidates for driving sustainability and ethics in business. If you have the potential to make an impact on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, please speak with our admissions team to see whether you are the candidate for this year’s scholarship!


Sanjay from Nepal was the first to be awarded the ‘Make an impact’’ scholarship for empowering underprivileged women in Costa Rica and Peru. By helping them set up their own businesses, Sanjay made a lasting and life-changing impact.

Investing in your future


Your degree is an investment in your professional future. Therefore, it is very important to budget and thoroughly prepare for your stay abroad. Do the necessary research concerning the cost of living in the host country in order to be sure you have sufficient resources. France, for example, requires students to prove that they have enough financial resources to cover the costs of living during their stay to obtain a visa. A short but intense programme like our 10-Month Global MBA means less financial investment as you can be back in a paid job in just under a year. In the 2022 QS World rankings, EDHEC’s Global MBA was recognised as Number 8 in the world for return on investment and 6th worldwide for International Mobility by the Financial Times in 2023 .

Transparent MBA scholarship policy


Scholarships can make a substantial contribution to your Global MBA budget. The availability of scholarships can therefore be an important factor to consider when choosing the MBA programme that is right for you.


I really appreciated the transparent way EDHEC dealt with scholarships, the admissions team were very clear and open and explained the whole process and it makes it much easier to plan your finances. Plus I love the fact that there is a range of scholarships available - not just for GMAT but to be able to make the cohort diverse in every way.

Rayna Bueing, EDHEC Global MBA 2018

Transform your career with the help of a scholarship


Download the brochure to find out which scholarships and other financing options can help you make your dream of a personalised, triple-acreddited MBA programme come true.  


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EDHEC Global MBA Scholarships 2023
List of currently available EDHEC Global MBA Scholarships

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