From Givenchy to L'Oréal: Chinese Alumna Shared Growth and Achievements in Marketing Analytics

Gong Xinyi joined the MSc in Marketing Analytics programme at EDHEC in 2023, after completing her undergraduate studies in International Economics and Trade. Following an internship in retail and operations at Givenchy, a brand under the LVMH group in Shanghai, she undertook her graduation internship at the Consumer Trends Insights Department of L'Oréal Group headquarters. Here, she shares her application journey, student experience, and internship experiences with us.

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6 Jun 2024
Gong Xinyi - MSc in Marketing Analytics


About Choosing EDHEC


Before joining EDHEC, what was your undergraduate major?


My undergraduate major was International Economics and Trade, which involved a wide range of economics and management knowledge. I also studied quantitative analysis courses such as R language and SPSS, accumulating the knowledge, analytical frameworks, and research skills needed for business students. These helped me to navigate my current studies more effectively.


Could you briefly explain why you chose to join EDHEC?


Firstly, I chose to pursue a master's degree in France based on career development considerations, hoping to enter the fast-moving consumer goods and luxury goods industries. EDHEC enjoys a good reputation in France, and its top-ranked career guidance services and extensive alumni network will undoubtedly provide support for my future career development.

Secondly, during my application process, I maintained close email contact with the admissions team at EDHEC. The managers were always very enthusiastic, timely, and efficient in answering my questions, which made me feel very reliable.

Lastly, the overall evaluation of EDHEC on social media platforms is also very good. By searching for the employment situation of alumni on LinkedIn and communicating with them, I further confirmed that my decision to join EDHEC was correct and wise.



Why Choose a Master of Science in Marketing Analytics?


Since my undergraduate major belongs to the general business field, and I have a relatively clear career plan, I planned to delve into a more specific and interesting field during my master's stage. I intend to choose an 18-month MSc programme to directly engage in learning in the professional field, which is both time-saving and relatively cost-effective.

In addition, influenced by my personal entrepreneurial experience and the digital business environment during my undergraduate stage, I realised that data analysis is an indispensable tool for formulating marketing strategies. The MSc in Marketing Analytics programme at EDHEC, where I am currently enrolled, meets my expectations perfectly.

The core courses of this programme include marketing models, Python programming, Power Bi data visualisation, and social media optimisation, which will enable me to use data analysis to formulate successful marketing strategies.

Moreover, personalised elective courses and overseas study opportunities will help me develop comprehensive strategic thinking and a truly global perspective.



About the EDHEC Student Experience


Can you talk about your academic experience in the programme so far?


For me, the most significant feature of this programme is that each course requires completing corresponding individual and group tasks or designing solutions to real-world problems for our project partners (such as Ubisoft, Microsoft, La Redoute).

Teaching does not only stay on theoretical paper but actually applies the knowledge learned in class through practical projects, promoting independent thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.


Could you talk about your overseas living experience in the programme so far?


Overall, the experience has been satisfying! I am honoured to have met many kind and friendly people abroad, who have given me a lot of help and encouragement: French classmates helped me solve administrative procedures, Indian classmates saved my life with Haimlick's law, a retired police uncle sent me back to the correct station, spent New Year's Eve making dumplings and eating reunion dinner with Chinese classmates... There are too many beautiful memories that support me through what seems like a lonely study abroad life, gaining not only a more independent personality but also precious friendships.


Do you feel that there have been any changes in yourself after joining the programme?


In the process of collaborating and communicating with classmates from different cultural backgrounds, I have significantly improved my tolerance for diversity, my perspective has become more diverse, and I have also strengthened my ability to think independently.

At the same time, I gradually understand the essence of French culture, my inner peace has grown, and my pursuit of results is no longer so strict. I have learned to do my best and let nature take its course.



For students who want to apply for the programme you are in, do you have any suggestions?


I encourage students who have a strong interest in marketing and data analysis, have a certain quantitative background, and have relatively clear career development plans to apply for this programme.

The overall pace and progress of the MSc programme are relatively fast, and having a certain foundation of knowledge will make it easier to accept and master new content. Unlike students in three-year Master in Management programme (two years of academic study plus one year of internship), we do not have a year's gap for internships and exploring personal interests, so it is recommended to consider in advance the industry you want to enter, the position you want to take, and whether to stay in France or return to your home country.



About Internship Experience


Where did you intern and what position did you hold?


I previously interned at LVMH Fashion Group as a Givenchy Retail and Operations Intern, responsible for managing Givenchy's 30 boutiques and specialty stores in mainland China.

Now I have received an offer from L'Oréal's global headquarters to complete my graduation internship in the Consumer Trends Insights Department.


Did the EDHEC programme help you find and excel in this position?


A week after being admitted to EDHEC, I received an internship offer from Givenchy. I believe that it was thanks to the support and endorsement of EDHEC that I was able to quickly obtain this internship opportunity at the French luxury giant.


At the same time, I would like to thank EDHEC for providing career guidance services, various recruitment events, and a large alumni network, which enabled me to smoothly receive an internship offer from L'Oréal starting in January.


Since the first month of enrolment, I have met with the EDHEC Career Services Centre at least once a month, receiving guidance and encouragement from consultants on consulting planning, resume editing, motivation letter writing, and mock interviews.


At recruitment events, I had the opportunity to communicate directly with human resources departments from different industries and companies to learn about various positions.

Through LinkedIn, I contacted many alumni, who were very enthusiastic and patient in answering my questions and sharing their internship experiences and advice.

In addition, my classmates are all excellent and have helped me a lot in the process of finding an internship. I would like to thank each and every one of them!



What have you gained from your internship experience, and has it helped you understand the industry or field you are interested in?


While showing a strong interest in the luxury and FMCG industries, during my internship at Givenchy, I often dealt with first-hand sales data, competitor dynamics, and changes in consumer preferences. These experiences greatly helped me understand the forefront trends of the industry.

Immersed in such experiences, it partially dispelled some of my stereotypes about the luxury goods industry, updated my understanding of the working environment of this industry, and prompted me to further consider future plans.

Here, I encourage everyone to dare to try! Only by truly practicing can you understand whether you like it and whether it is suitable for you. Also, do not be afraid to make changes and move towards your desired goals!




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