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#MyMBAStory - Navigating the journey to leadership: Eustacia's EDHEC Global MBA adventure

Before embarking on her MBA journey, Eustacia was already instrumental in her family business, working on logistics for their Australian projects. However, she realised that managing a business of this scale required a robust understanding of management skills. This realisation was the spark that ignited her journey back to school, looking to equip herself with the necessary tools to excel in a leadership role within her company. 

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6 Dec 2023

Thriving in diversity 


Eustacia had long been drawn to EDHEC due to its reputation, with a remarkable ranking as the 7th business school in Europe by the Financial Times 2022. The genuine support she received throughout the application process and the inspiring conversations with EDHEC alumni reinforced her choice. Additionally, the EDHEC Global MBA programme, esteemed within the top 50 worldwide by the Financial Times in 2023, boasted a diverse cohort and an innovative learning approach. This presented itself as the perfect stepping stone for Eustacia’s future.  


Personalising her MBA with a focus on entrepreneurship 


EDHEC's Global MBA programme, which offers a high degree of personalisation through electives and specialisation tracks, was a fertile ground for Eustacia's ideas. Choosing the Entrepreneurship track, she had an opportunity to test her ideas in a supportive environment filled with creative thinking and constructive feedback. The Entrepreneurship track offers a transformational experience, providing participants with the tools and support to excel in leadership, create effective and sustainable businesses, and expand their entrepreneurial outlook. With a diverse cohort of 60 participants hailing from 29 different countries, the programme painted a vibrant picture of global business. The rich mix of backgrounds, industries, and nationalities fostered by EDHEC's deliberate selection process and varied scholarship opportunities, added valuable dimensions to her learning journey.  


“My classmates were the best part of my time at EDHEC. I appreciated that the students were diverse in nationality, industry, and life experience and I gained so much from their contributions in class and the friendships made outside of class.” 

"The programme helped me better evaluate the state of the company and come up with a strategy for what I wanted to do.”


  Eustacia Tan

  EDHEC Global MBA 2022

  Deputy Managing Director, Capstone Manufacturing Sdn Bhd

A personal touch and a leap for her career 


In line with the programme's high degree of personalisation, Eustacia undertook an MBA project focused on the succession of her family business. This strategic choice allowed her to bridge the gap between theory and real-world application, making her learning journey highly relevant to her career objectives. Throughout her project, Eustacia found unwavering support from EDHEC, which played a pivotal role in her success. The school's dedication to her project extended beyond mere guidance, as they facilitated connections with professors and fellow graduate students engaged in similar research.  


Following her graduation, Eustacia stepped into the role of Deputy Managing Director of an extrusion company, a transition made seamless by the skills and confidence gained through her MBA. "The programme helped me better evaluate the state of the company and come up with a strategy for what I wanted to do.”, she explained. 

The toolbox for success and words of wisdom 

In her current role, Eustacia often applies the finance, strategy, and operations skills she honed during her MBA. The entrepreneurship track, covering the three main pillars of a successful business - innovating new products and services, building a scalable business, and marketing and financing new ventures, equipped her with the tools to navigate complex business landscapes. 

Offering advice to future participants, Eustacia encouraged them to be open about their goals. She shares her own experience, saying, "Towards the end of the programme, I had the opportunity to give a TEDx talk and I couldn't have done it anywhere else. The content for the talk came from conversations I had during the programme that inspired me to look deeper into the topic of sustainability in tea, which in turn gave me an idea to pitch when the TEDx team was looking for submissions.

Eustacia's story exemplifies the transformative power of the EDHEC Global MBA programme. It is a testament to how a supportive, diverse and personalised learning environment can inspire individuals to elevate their careers and make a profound impact on their organisations. 

Unlock your leadership potential  

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