Transformation brought by the Global Master in Management - GETT: Broadening industry awareness and expanding international horizons

The Global Master in Management programme – GETT programme offers students a rich practical teaching experience and cross-cultural exchange, making their lives convenient on international campuses. Students' industry awareness is broadened, allowing them to truly immerse themselves in a global environment. Here, Cheng Yi, who joined the programme in 2022, shares his EDHEC student experience. 

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23 Apr 2024
Cheng Yi - Global Master in Management - GETT


Can you talk about your academic experience in the Global Master in Management - GETT programme so far?


The Global Master in Management - GETT offers a diverse classroom format and learning environment. It aims to cultivate students' ability to apply new technologies to solve business problems by exposing them to various business models, different cultures, and emerging technologies. It arranges company visits or invites alumni from the business world to the Paris campus almost every week. This transforms teaching into a practical and interactive form, immersing us as much as possible in the real-world challenges faced by these companies.

Perhaps due to my background, I prefer some courses that lean towards engineering, such as data analysis, business artificial intelligence, and database management. The recently completed semester at the Korean University, SKK GSB, left a profound impression on me, particularly the course on blockchain technology applications. For me, I have studied the intersection of business and data science for five years, so I am relatively familiar with the application of data processing and analysis in business. In the future, I may pursue further studies and employment in this area.


Can we talk about your overseas living experience in the Master in Management Technology so far?


The overseas living experience in the Master in Management Technology has been incredibly rich. The programme's campus in France is located at the EDHEC Business School in the heart of Paris. While the campus itself isn't large, its prime location makes transportation, shopping, and travel very convenient. During the study phase in Korea, we were based at the Seoul campus, situated in the north-eastern part of Seoul in a university town. The surrounding area was well-equipped with facilities, making commuting and shopping quite convenient. Both Paris and Seoul are international metropolises, and while knowing the local language undoubtedly enhances the experience, it's possible to meet basic living needs with just English.



Exploring South Korea during my stay – Gangwon Province's Seoraksan Mountain.


For me, the most profound aspect of this year of studying abroad has been the international classmates I've had the opportunity to meet. Despite coming from different countries and speaking different languages, we attended classes together, had fun, and shared meals every day. From initially being strangers to gradually becoming familiar with each other, we deepened our understanding, wove memories together, and eventually formed a close-knit community. I believe that this has been the most precious reward of my study abroad experience.


Do you feel that there have been any changes in yourself since joining the Global Master in Management - GETT programme?


After joining the Master in Management Technology programme, the diverse business courses have given me a deeper understanding of various industries such as consulting, marketing, and finance.

As I've been exposed to information and knowledge from other countries, I've become increasingly aware of my ignorance about vast amounts of information. There's a well-known curve in psychology called the Dunning-Kruger effect, and my perspective and mindset have probably taken a wild plunge from the peak of ignorance into the valley of despair in the process of information dissemination on the internet.

Therefore, I hope to use this gap year to gain a deeper understanding of specific fields in consulting or finance, preparing myself for future academic pursuits and career planning.



Who do you think the programme is suitable for?


I believe the Master in Management Technology programme is suitable for applicants who are looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of business knowledge, data science, and emerging technologies.

The programme exposes students to new knowledge and information every day, so it also suits those who are curious about new things and can maintain the motivation for continuous learning.



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