Publications - Management & Humanities

In the three disciplines covered, our professors publish in the best journals and are internationally recognized in many fields: green and climate finance, financial risks, machine learning, portfolio management, etc.

Current research streams focus on paradoxes in organisations, proactivity in employee and team behaviour, reflective leadership, inclusive leadership, emotions in business, co-creation, sustainability, corporate social responsibility in general and the Sustainable Development Goals in particular.

12.06.2024 - EDHEC publication

3 questions to Peter Daly and Julia Milner about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Higher Education

EDHEC VOX, June 2024

12.06.2024 - EDHEC publication

[#dataviz] Dis-moi quel sport tu pratiques... et je te dirai quelles compétences tu as développées !

EDHEC New Gen Talent Centre, EDHEC VOX, June 2024

07.06.2024 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

„Wir wollten doch nur das Beste“ – Wie Familiendynamiken zum Scheitern der Unternehmensnachfolge führen können

ZfKE - Zeitschrift für KMU und Entrepreneurship, Volume 71, June 2024, Pages 101 - 121

05.06.2024 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

Marriage: An institution you can't disparage? Evidence on the marriage norms of entrepreneurs

Small Business Economics, June 2024, Pages 501 - 521

04.06.2024 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

From hype to impact: How companies can leverage the metaverse technology for business models

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, June 2024, Pages 1 - 11