EDHEC Dataviz challenge

Congratulations to the winners and finalists of the 2020 EDHEC DataViz Challenge! 

We received some great Vizzes with participants from 8 schools and 6 countries for the 2020 EDHEC DataViz Challenge, the choice was difficult and we'd like to congratulate all entrants for their efforts and contribution to sharing a compelling story with data from UNICEF using Tableau data visualization software.
Click on the images below to see the top-10 vizzes.

We'd like to encourage you all to keep learning, and keep vizzing!

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#First Place | Edwin NGUYEN

Dataviz chalenge 2020 WinnerA woman journey from birth to adulthood


#Second Place | Timor TETRO
University of Oxford - Said Business School

Daraviz challenge second palceGender equality in education

#Third Place | Ketan KUNDARGI
EDHEC Business School

dataviz challenge 3rd placeEducation is a privilege



Special Mention from the Jury for thoughtfulness and impact

EDHEC Business School

dataviz chalenge 4th challenge

Genital mutilations



Zhangpu BAI
EDHEC Business School

What role gender & parenting play in HIV infection?

Mehmet Ali EROL
Dublin City University

Gender Inequality

EDHEC Business School

Gender Inequality in EU

Amandine LÉGAL
EDHEC Business School

HIV & gender in Africa

Rahul Thomas MATHEW
Audencia Business School

Journey to freedom

EDHEC Business School

A paediatric disease: The global issue of tobacco use among young people


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