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While facing many challenges, the building industry has been slow-moving for decades, reluctant to transform and failing to adopt innovations and new technologies.

In the next decade, powerful drivers of change will fundamentally transform the industry. The EU Taxonomy Sustainable Activities will drive the use of new materials and circularity. Labor shortage will drive the adoption of off-site production and the industrialization of the industry. And digitalization will function like a pressure cooker to drive new business model, efficiency across the value chain and favor new companies that get ready to displace the incumbents.

We invite you to our Future of Buildings Day on the 13th of December in Lille.  We will take you on a ride to the Building Sector in 2040, present the innovation opportunities that our 18 industry partners worked on with 350 EDHEC students, and award the best student submissions.

Join for an intensive day of networking, future insights and innovation development. And join us for creating a sustainable future for the building sector.


VPs, Directors, Managers of:

  • Innovation, Strategy and Foresight
  • Sustainability
  • Environment
  • Health and Safety
  • Public/Government/Corporate Affairs
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Social Responsibility







The building sector today suffers from fragmentation, complex regulation, low productivity growth, poor procurement and supply-chain management, and contractual frameworks that hinder collaboration across the value chain. At the same time, it faces big challenges, like reducing its carbon emissions, digitalisation and the difficulty to attract skilled workforces. 

So is there hope? We believe, yes. There are many change drivers that may still create a perfect storm and revolutionize the industry. Let’s fast forward and explore 4 scenarios of how the building sector will change in 20 years' time. 

Imagine yourself in the year 2040.



13:00 - 13:30 CET       


13:30 - 14:45 CET       


15:00 - 17:00 CET       



Following the new governmental measures, a control of your sanitary pass will be done at your arrival

Future of Buildings Open Workshop 

Keynotes and Scenarios toward a sustainable Future, debating and cross-disciplinary knowledge-sharing

Future of Buildings Awards

Keynotes, Student pitches from MSc in Strategy, Organisation & Consulting Master and from MSc in Marketing, Award Ceremony

Join us for a great opportunity to network with foresight and building experts


Speakers and Experts 

More speakers will be announced



Director of the EDHEC Foresight, Innovation & Transformation Chair, Professor of Strategy


"In the next two decades the building industry will be radically transformed. In this transformation the industry needs to embrace its strong role in fighting climate change and inequalities. Not an easy task, yet digitalization, favorable access to finance and industrialization will be powerful enablers for visionary leaders."


Jan Hendrik GOLDBECK



"Buildings are the backbone of the economy. But manufacturing and operating the necessary components consumes significant resources. Nevertheless: construction industry and climate protection are not antagonistic! If we develop buildings holistically, following the example of automotive OEMs, we can both minimise inefficiencies and orient them towards sustainability over their entire life cycle."



Co-Founder, VP and Head of Partnerships at GROPYUS


"We build buildings around technology, not technology into buildings."





Head of Futures Literacy at UNESCO

“We are living at a moment when Covid-19 and climate extinctions demonstrate the fragility and destructiveness of past ways of doing things. The question today is will we continue to build monuments, pour concrete, and aspire to colonize the future? Or can we change our relationship to the world around us, including habitat, by changing the way we use-the-future? Is the path to resilience to continue to put all our eggs in the basket of improving what we already know, ‘building better’? Or might both necessity and strategy argue for embracing a more humble, experimentalist and diversification oriented approach that could create a more generous, lighter and open relationship to the future?”


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Foresight and building experts
Corporate partners from various sectors of the building industry
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