Business of Luxury Summer Programme: learning the specifics of the luxury sector

The number of applicants for EDHEC Business School’s Business of Luxury Summer Programme doubled for summer 2024. Devised by professor-researchers of EDHEC’s marketing faculty specialising in the sector, the Summer Programme welcomes a majority of students from the School’s international partner institutions. The Business of Luxury Summer Programme is meeting with increasing success, thanks to its goal of providing insight into the French luxury industry and more particularly to its focus on analysing the marketing techniques used for products and services (perfume, wine, selective retailing, hotels, yachting) specific to the French Riviera.

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25 Apr 2024
extérieur du campus de Nice

Underpinned by EDHEC’s rich and dynamic network of international academic partners, the Business of Luxury Summer Programme, hosts students from all over the world in their third or fourth years of higher education (bachelor or master). During the two weeks, students discover the culture, economy and history of the luxury sector in France and on the French Riviera. They gain insight into the specifics of the industry, particularly from a marketing standpoint (how product ranges are structured, the in-store customer experience). They also dive deeper into certain sectors of activity specific to the Nice region, such as perfumes & cosmetics, hotels and wine culture.


A genuine marketing programme in condensed form, the Business of Luxury is centred on classes given by Marie-Cécile Cervellon (Ph.D), Head of the marketing department and professor at EDHEC, and by Marie-Catherine Mars (Ph.D), Associate Professor of Marketing. It also comprises interventions by industry professionals, such as department store directors, heads of marketing departments and events industry executives. Each year, numerous visits are scheduled in the Riviera region, including trips to Grasse, Cannes and Monaco. In 2023 students had the chance to visit emblematic venues like the Domaine de la Rose de Lancôme in Grasse, which produces flowers for the perfume industry, and Château de Crémat, located in the heart of the Bellet controlled-origin wine-growing region.


extérieur du campus de Nice
25 Apr 2024
Business of Luxury Summer Programme: learning the specifics of the luxury sector
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Le Business of Luxury Summer Programme de l'EDHEC est un parcours pédagogique axé sur la découverte de l’industrie française du luxe, pour en savoir plus : https://www.edhec.edu/fr/news/business-luxury-summer-programme-apprehender-specificites-secteur-luxe
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Pour l’été 2024, le nombre de candidatures a doublé pour le Business of Luxury Summer Programme de l'EDHEC Business School. Ce Summer Programme , conçu par des professeurs-chercheurs de la faculté marketing de l’EDHEC, spécialistes du secteur, accueille chaque année, en majorité, des étudiants issus d'institutions internationales, partenaires de l’école. Le Business of Luxury Summer Programme connaît un succès croissant, grâce à un parcours pédagogique axé sur la découverte de l’industrie française du luxe, et plus particulièrement sur l’analyse marketing des produits et services (parfums, vins, distribution sélective, hôtellerie, yachting) spécifiques de la Côte d’Azur.
Pour en savoir plus : https://www.edhec.edu/fr/news/business-luxury-summer-programme-apprehender-specificites-secteur-luxe

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