Pedagogical Innovation at EDHEC

Pedagogical innovation is considered as one of the crucial components of EDHEC’s policy. The purpose of  EDHEC’s Pedagogical Innovation Lab, “EDHEC PILab” is to support course digitalization. at EDHEC student experience is our moto in all these innovations: Living it all together but taking care of each students context and personality. Thanks to blended learning we give opportunity to students and professors to teach and learn differently, Thanks to new smooth and scalable technological solutions  we redesign spaces more flexible and multi-device equipped to enhance creativity and collaboration. 



Learning by doing

The school’s credo ‘EDHEC for Business’ is translated in ‘learning-by-doing’ programs. Based on active learning theories, the target of ‘learning-by-doing’ is to involve the student and make her/him an actor of her/his learning. Thanks to this dynamic, the student is able to develop its critical thinking, creativity and self-evaluation.  We believe at EDHEC that such a way to learn will help students to win on autonomy, responsibility and work performance.

The development of real-life case studies which are taught in class is one way to put forward this approach. Also Our Open Innovation, Nego & Explora, seminars, where students search for an innovative solution for company’s existing problems is greatly appreciated, as well as the hackathons, dedicated workshops and simulation games that are organised during the year.


The Pilab supports instructors at EDHEC to effectively use educational technologies and spaces through:



Content Creation

Faculty may ask for support from the PILab to redesign their courses scenarii, create online items, assignments, …, add interactive tools in class


Workshops & Tutorials

All year long PILab offers practical workshops in both Lille and Nice campuses and online tutorials (available on the EDHEC Learning Platform) to faculty to know more and experiment new innovative tools



Food for Pedagogical Thought are an opportunity for professors to discuss & share their experiences over a pleasant moment





Online material is made available on our EDHEC Learning Platform, our online learning management system. EDHEC is using its digital capabilities to develop a multi-channel approach focusing on blended learning solutions.

Moreover, EDHEC has a dedicated workforce to develop and record professional video content, both for its faculty and its students.






Emmanuelle HOUET, Digital Learning Experience Manager, Lille Campus 

Grégory BONNARD, Software support and E-learning admin, Nice Campus

Claudia CARRONE, Pedagogical Engineer, Nice Campus

Stéphane DEFRENNE, E-learning Officer, Lille Campus

Maxime HAUBOLD, Pedagogical Engineer, Lille Campus 

Isabelle PARENTI, Multimedia Pedagogical Engineer, Lille Campus




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