Publications - Marketing

Our professors publish in the best international journals and have multiple theoretical and empirical interests, such as consumer behaviour, digital marketing or CSR.

Our professors publish in leading journals such as Journal of Marketing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Service Research, Journal of Business Ethics, etc. and are quoted in the international press such as the Financial Times or The Economist.



06.12.2023 - EDHEC publication

[case by case #3] Marie-Cécile Cervellon: exploring the ACS circular business model

EDHEC VOX, December 2023

06.12.2023 - EDHEC publication

Transitioning to a Circular Economy: Adopting an Actor Engagement Lens

EDHEC VOX, December 2023

05.12.2023 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

Been There, Done That: How Episodic and Semantic Memory Affects the Language of Authentic and Fictitious Reviews

Journal of Consumer Research, Volume 50, December 2023, Pages 405 - 425

30.11.2023 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

Trust me, I am famous: legitimating attractive celebrities as credible endorsers for charitable organisations

Journal of Marketing Management, Volume Online , November 2023, Pages 1 - 27

15.11.2023 - EDHEC publication

(Newsletter #1) Greener, chattier, more connected… How do companies address "new" customers?

EDHEC VOX, November 2023