For more than 10 years, EDHEC Business School has been pursuing an active policy of dynamic research based on 11 research centres, chairs and initiatives and an academic community represented by more than 170 world-class professors and researchers, a number that has increased by more than 25% over the last 5 years. Allocating more than 20% of its annual resources to research, EDHEC sets itself apart by its historical “Make an impact” positioning and the development of distinctive fields of excellence. These fields include finance, embodied by EDHEC-Risk Institute and its spin-off companies – Scientific Beta and EDHECinfra – whose research results and products in the area of the financial risk management are used by the world's leading financial institutions. In addition, the research activity also permeates the programmes delivered to students with innovative knowledge, in line with the needs of businesses. Indeed, we believe that research is only useful if it is made accessible to our students, if it applies to the professional world and if it feeds public debate. This is why, in support of a dissemination strategy that involves constantly adapting the knowledge we produce to the environment for which it is intended, we have created EDHEC Vox. This initiative aims to share and promote the knowledge, analysis and views of EDHEC "experts" – researchers, professors, top-executives, graduates, executive education students. EDHEC Business School is now the continental European school whose research is most often cited in the five largest international business press publications, namely the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal (Europe and Asia), The Economist and Business Week.

Michael Antioco - Dean of Faculty and Research





EDHEC-Risk Institute

Cutting-edge Research for International Financial Industry

EDHEC Chair for Foresight, Innovation & Transformation

Research for developing companies’ ability to embrace uncertainty.

EDHEC Augmented Law Institute

Pioneer Research on Legal transformations

EDHEC Open Leadership for Diversity & Inclusion Chair

Applied research focused on improving diversity and inclusion in organisations.

EDHEC Family Business Research Centre

Research on Family Businesses: holistic approach combined with leaders pragmatism

EDHEC Criminal Risks Management Chair

Field research, scientific rigour and pedagogy applied to criminal risks management

EDHEC Leadership Development Chair

A Professional and Academic Expertise at the heart of managers training

NewGen Talent Centre

Study and monitoring of new generations career aspirations and behaviours 

EDHEC Sustainable Value Creation Chair

To address the issues of corporate performance, value creation and valuatio


To collect and standardize data for infrastructure investors





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Backtesting Marginal Expected Shortfall and Related Systemic Risk Measures
Denisa Banulescu-Radu
Christophe Hurlin
Jérémy Leymarie
Olivier Scaillet
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