For more than 10 years, EDHEC Business School has been pursuing an active policy of dynamic research based on 11 research centres, chairs and initiatives and an academic community represented by more than 170 world-class professors and researchers, a number that has increased by more than 25% over the last 5 years. Allocating more than 20% of its annual resources to research, EDHEC sets itself apart by its historical "Useful research" positioning and the development of distinctive fields of excellence... [Read More]








EDHEC-Risk Institute

Cutting-edge Research for International Financial Industry

EDHEC Chair for Foresight, Innovation & Transformation

Research for developing companies’ ability to embrace incertainty.

EDHEC Augmented Law Institute

Pioneer Research on Legal transformations

EDHEC Open Leadership for Diversity & Inclusion Chair

Applied research focused on improving diversity and inclusion in organisations.

EDHEC Family Business Research Centre

Research on Family Businesses: holistic approach combined with leaders pragmatism

EDHEC Criminal Risks Management Chair

Field research, scientific rigour and pedagogy applied to criminal risks management

EDHEC Leadership Development Chair

A Professional and Academic Expertise at the heart of managers training

NewGen Talent Centre

Study and monitoring of new generations career aspirations and behaviours 


More research centres, chairs and initiatives




60,000 people already enrolled in the Investment Management with Python and Machine Learning Specialisation
- 27-10-2020
Investment Management with Python and Machine Learning Specialisation   This programme has been designed by Professor Lionel Martellini, Director of...
Future [FIT]ness: Partnering with the airline industry during crisis
- 20-10-2020
The EDHEC Student Against the Crisis was a collaboration between students and ...
EDHEC takes part in a transnational sustainable fashion project, with European Commission support
- 07-10-2020
The « Fostering Employability Skills For Sustainable Fashion » project has just secured...
#MyEDHECCommunity - How does the EDHEC FIT Chair help businesses to recover from the pandemic?
- 28-09-2020
The EDHEC Foresight, Innovation and Transformation Chair is proud of the work of its...
Gianfranco Gianfrate speaking on climate change and credit risk on 27 October
- 24-09-2020
On 27 October 2020, Gianfranco Gianfrate, Professor of Finance, EDHEC Business School...
New academic year 2020: EDHEC announces the arrival of 9 new professors
- 15-09-2020
EDHEC Business School is strengthening its teaching faculty with the arrival of nine...
Securing Replacement Income with Goal-Based Retirement Investing Strategies
- 06-07-2020
We are pleased to enclose an EDHEC-Risk Institute research article published in the...

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Performance 21 Handbook of Business performance and value creation in the 21st Century - Part 1
Philippe Foulquier
Max Berre
Yan Du
Marieke Delanghe
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