For more than 10 years, EDHEC Business School has been pursuing an active policy of dynamic research based on 6 research centres, 2 research chairs, 3 innovation centres and an academic community represented by more than 160 world-class professors and researchers, a number that has increased by more than 25% over the last 5 years. Allocating more than 20% of its annual resources to research, EDHEC sets itself apart by its historical "Research for Business" positioning and the development of distinctive fields of excellence... [Read More]



Cutting-edge Research for International Financial Industry


Research for French Economy : education, health, labor market, property market


Pioneer Research on Legal performance, legal risks management, ethics and compliance

Financial Analysis & Accounting

Applied research focused on business risk assessment, cost of capital and company valuation.

Family Business

Research on Family Businesses: holistic approach combined with leaders pragmatism

Criminal Risks Management

Field research, scientific rigour and pedagogy applied to criminal risks management

Management, Leadership & Innovation

A Professional and Academic Expertise at the heart of managers training

New Generations

Study and monitoring of new generations career aspirations and behaviours 



Top publication*

Les bénéfices socio-économiques des diplômes du supérieur
Arnaud Chéron
Pierre Courtioux
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