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More than 15 years after the launch of the first on-line courses, EDHEC continues to lead the way in terms of educational approach. Practical, pragmatic and entirely business orientated, its teaching has inspired many educational practices and innovations, in line with the challenges of business and the expectations of both students and companies. Since 2015, EDHEC has been challenged and nurtured by a Pedagogical Innovation Lab, which works on the educational practices of the future, in liaison with the faculty. 


Pedagogical innovation to improve the Educational Experience




In the EDHEC Pedagogic Innovation Lab (PiLab), original ways to improve the Educational Experience are bubbling up all the time. And since it’s EDHEC’s own creative hothouse, speed-to-implement can be ultra-quick. Have the idea, develop it, roll it out across campus.

For Faculty and lectures, PiLab provides a huge number of tips, strategies and digital tools to optimize teaching and tailor courses to make them more engaging and relevant.

For students and participants, the benefits can be felt in every lesson, from information presented more vividly, interactively and logically; to techniques and tools that aid deeper investigation and better understanding. 


Digital Technology at the service of Academic Excellence




Collaborating, communicating and gaining access to high-level educational and scientific resources at any time: EDHEC is continuously investing in technology to enable students to enjoy an outstanding academic experience. Once your enrolment has been approved, you become full members of EDHEC, and enjoy immediate and unlimited access to all the features of its Digital Campus.


Learning by doing


Learning by doing


EDHEC Business School has developed an innovative approach to instill its learning-by-doing credo across its portfolio. Known as the Teaching Factory, this approach helps students acquire skills and behaviors through their experience while solving business challenges.

EDHEC ensures students become proactively engaged in their own curriculum. As EDHEC student, you will learn in an entertaining way, through competing against one another and in tackling challenges addressing real business problems that EDHEC corporate partners will ask you to solve. On the same page, EDHEC’s offer on internships, apprenticeships and traineeships is phenomenal. Placements’ results are also spectacular: 70% of students land a job with an international dimension whereas 40% of students find a 1st job outside their home country.

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Anondo Kumar Dutta


EDHEC’s Master has been one of the defining steps in my life. The curriculum gave me an in-depth understanding of Finance and Accounting. This gave me a breadth of financial knowledge and shaped my holistic understanding of the field.

Anondo Kumar Dutta, Indian, MSc in International Accounting & Finance Audit Executive Mazars



The support network at EDHEC was superb. All the advice I received, ranging from interview techniques to personal branding and networking, has led me to where I am today. Definitely, the best career choice I’ve made!

Charlotte AUTERAC, UK, MBA



I chose to study at EDHEC for many reasons. The most important: to acquire the right tools and knowledge to start my own business. The depth of information offered in the MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation programme is impressive.

Unalp Tekinalp, German, MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management







EDHEC Planet 


EDHEC Planet


Office 365 


Office 365





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