Sylvie DeffayetSylvie Deffayet Davrout is a clinical psychologist, coach and has a doctorate in Management. She is a Professor of Management, and she heads the Chair in Leadership Development. She developed the Learning Teams ™ pedagogy which rehabilitates leaders in their power to act. She advocates for inductive and collaborative leadership pedagogies. She is the author of the book "Keys to authority; strengthen your legitimacy as a manager "(Eyrolles 2010).
Her work focuses on the foundations of contemporary managerial authority, in particular Self Leadership (internal models of authority, followership, the art of questionning and the fabric of the reflexive manager).


Sylvie DeffayetLouise Henninot is a Pedagogy and Multimedia Engineer. Passionate about learning mechanisms, her job is to design and implement innovative pedagogical methods. Designing customized courses in blended learning is her favorite subject: E-learning, serious game, spoc but also face-to-face teaching techniques… Her goal is to match the best tools for each context that arises.
After spending more than 10 years in business -from specialized distribution to IT services - it is in secondary education that Louise creates the link between initial and continuous education. The question that drives her projects? How can we introduce digital supports into traditional classroom teaching methods in a way that enhances knowledge and personal development?


Stéphanie Dhulu

Stéphanie Dhulu is passionate about Human Resources. After working in outplacement and recruitment of senior executives in France and abroad, Stephanie joined EDHEC in 2008 as Project Manager of Internships and Events for BBA Edhec students.

Since 2013, she coordinates the activities of the Chair: administrative management, training logistics, event organization (3 to 4 conferences per year, IP & M Symposium, the Chair’s 10-year anniversary celebration…), coordination of Chair communications (various medias). She also deals with the Chair’s budget and manages all administrative aspects for the Chair’s Partners.


Agathe Boullet has been working with EDHEC since 2011. Today, she is a Department Assistant, coordinating the administrative and logistic aspects of seminars and electives of the Leadership and Managerial Competencies Chair, the Crime Risk Management Chair and the IT track. She is also in charge of organizing EDHEC and BBA EDHEC Business Games.

Christine Coisne

Inge de Clippeleeris an Associate Professor of Management at EDHEC Business School. She holds a Master in Educational Sciences from Ghent University (Belgium). Her research is situated in the domain of Organizational Behavior and zooms in on individual job crafting and team crafting – how individuals and teams proactively mold and organize work so it better fits their strengths and passions. She worked for about ten years at Vlerick Business School, where she was lecturing on the topics of self-management, career management, team management, and leadership development for Master and executive audiences. Furthermore, she was responsible for the career coaching of Vlerick’s MBA participants, and has extensive experience in coaching executives and teams.


Julia Milner

Dr Julia Milner  is a Professor in Leadership and the Academic Director of the Global MBA program at EDHEC Business School and has worked with more than 10 Universities around the globe. Having published academic and professional articles as well as five books she is involved in several research projects in the area of Leadership, Workplace cultures and Cross-cultural Coaching.

Julia is also a highly accomplished consultant and business coach working with individuals as well as groups with a focus on leadership development. She designs and facilitates leadership programs with a focus on creating high performing individuals, teams and organisational cultures. Julia has extensive consulting experience working with international companies and high-profile public sector organisations. She received a German Coaching Award in 2010 for her industry work. Her latest book ‘Coaching: How to Lead’ explains in a practical way how managers can use coaching as part of their leadership style. Julia has worked or studied in Germany, North America, Spain, Belgium, Finland, China, France, Great Britain and Australia.


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- 20-09-2017
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