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Long stay Visa validation  |  Visa / Residence permit renewal  |  Working in France


Long Stay Visa validation

If you have been delivered a Long Stay Visa - you must go through a visa validation process within the 3 months following your arrival date in France.

You must bring to France the original stamped OFII form you got from the embassy.

The process is the following:

  • When going through the customs, ask the border police to stamp your passport (entry stamp).
  • Fill out your OFII form, join a copy of your passport, your visa and the entry stamp to France.
  • Submit it to the International Student Office during the welcome session.

You will receive a first letter from OFII who will acknowledge receipt of your file (keep this letter in your passport if you travel).

Then you will receive a second letter mentioning the date of an appointment for a medical visit - this is a mandatory appointment so you must go to this appointment even if you have classes

To go to the medical check you will be required to bring some documents such as:

  • Passport (original & copy)
  • Proof of residency (rent receipt (quittance de loyer), lease, electricity bill or a letter from the person you are staying at).
  • ID picture, head uncovered
  • Medical certificate delivered by an OFII approved doctor (if you have already been through the medical check in your home country)
  • OFII stamp (noted ANAEM or OMI) corresponding to the processing fee to be paid for the first residence permit (58€ for 2013/2014)]

Those documents will also be mentioned in the OFII letter.


Visa / Residence permit renewal

After the first year, you must renew your student residence permit either through EDHEC International Student Offices if you are living in Lille or Nice or through the Prefecture of your department of residence if you are somewhere else in France.

We advise students to start the renewal procedure at least 2 months before their residence permit expires. Please be advised that you must renew your visa / residence permit through the Prefecture of your department of residence.

You must be aware that if you apply for the resdience permit after its expiry date, you'll get fined.

Also, the ID pictures must respect French norms. Please make sure the ID pictures you provide in your file respect the required size.


The International Student Office will help you to get through this process.

Working in France


Working in France as an International student


Full year students with a long stay visa are allowed to get a part time job during their studies at EDHEC (maximum 60% of the legal work time). 

Non European students must have either a visa and an OFII stamp in their passport or a valid Residence Permit to be able to work in France. If you have got a long stay visa then you can start your job as soon as your visa is validated by the OFII .

The company hiring you has to participate in the student health plan of the French social protection system (Sécurité Sociale).

Non-European students cannot work more than 60% of the annual legal duration  – about 964 hours per year.
Minimum wage in France: about 9€/hour (SMIC: Salaire Minimum Interprofessionnel de Croissance) - before withholding of mandatory social-benefit taxes, which comes to approximately 22% of the gross payment.

Legal duration of working hours in France: 35h/week


Internship in France


As an International student having a long stay visa or a residence permit and staying for the whole academic year you can do an internship in France as long as you get an internship contract from EDHEC Student Career Center (office in Lille S2-079 - office in Nice #477). 
An internship is not considered as a job by French law.

Students coming for an exchange period cannot be delivered an intership contract from EDHEC Career Center.


Cost of living in Nice & Lille



Money & Banks

As you know France is part of the Euro (€) zone. To avoid international transfer fees, it is highly recommended to students to open a French bank account.




  • Copy of your passport,
  • Housing proof mentioning your full name and full address in France,
  • School enrollment letter (certificat de scolarité)
  • Some cash - you cannot open a bank account if you do not put money on it.




Once you have signed the contract, you will be given a RIB (Relevé d’Identité Bancaire), on which will appear your IBAN (International Bank Account Number).

On this RIB (Bank Statement), there will also be numbers that are the French equivalent of the IBAN: Code banque, code guichet, numéro de compte and clé RIB.

You will need your RIB if you subscribe to a Phone contract, open an electricity account…




Within a week, you will receive your credit card “Carte Bancaire” at home.

The PIN code (4 digits) will be sent to you in a different letter.

If you asked for a check book, it will also be sent to you by mail.

Everytime you are about to run out of checks, the bank should send you a new one automatically.




Most French banks will enable you to access your account online. Most of them even have Apps for smartphones.

You will be able to print your RIB, transfer money, check your account statement…

Ask your bank officer to provide you with your login and password.




  • SOCIÉTÉ GÉNÉRALE Office on-campus as well as an ATM which is convenient for students. Agency in CROIX - 92, avenue le Nôtre
  • HSBC has a partnership with OPEN UP, EDHEC student-union for International students. For more information, please get in touch with OPEN UP. HSBC LILLE - 104, rue Nationale in LILLE - HSBC CROIX - 39, Rue de la Gare in Croix
  • LE CRÉDIT LYONNAIS (LCL) On campus during the registration days. Agency in CROIX - 28 Place de la République
  • BANQUE POPULAIRE Agency in CROIX - 3 rue de la Gare

  • LCL 67 boulevard René Cassin 06200 Nice (+ English speaking officers
  • SOCIETE GENERALE 52, boulevard René Cassin 06200 Nice (+
  • HSBC 24, avenue de la Californie 06200 Nice (+
  • BNP 14 boulevard René Cassin 06200 Nice (+
  • BPCA (International Branch) 22 bd Victor Hugo 06000 Nice (+


Useful information

Emergency numbers








There are different providers for either landline phone or cell phone or internet.


EDHEC Nice campus has a partnership with the below shops, which have special offers; do not forget to mention that you are an EDHEC student.

The Orange shop TEL & COM 17, rue Massena - 15, avenue Jean Medecin.


Note that both EDHEC campuses have free access computer rooms and a wireless connection available

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