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How a Global MBA enhances your career opportunities in international consulting

Are you considering a career in international consulting, drawn by the idea of exciting work, travel opportunities, and, yes, attractive salary prospects? If yes, how prepared are you to navigate the shifts driven by technological advances, emerging markets, and evolving consumer trends?

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11 Jan 2024
International Global MBA cohort

A Global MBA is one of the most effective ways for ambitious professionals to develop a 360-degree business vision, stay informed and gain the credibility essential for international success in consultancy. The combination of cutting-edge academic insights and opportunities to apply their business acumen via action learning and hands-on projects that deliver real-world results provides the mindset and skills employers seek.

The importance of a global perspective


Due to the complexities of operating in diverse markets, a global outlook is essential for success in international consulting. It extends beyond linguistic proficiency and requires an awareness and appreciation of cultural differences to establish meaningful business relationships and navigate the complexities of regulations and risks across borders, which all demand a nuanced decision-making approach.

EDHEC's Global MBA is strategically designed to cultivate the skills and perspectives integral to a global consulting career. The programme offers a practical understanding of international business intricacies through tailored courses and interactive experiences with a diverse participant base. Emphasis on cultural intelligence goes beyond theory, enabling professionals to apply insights gained through interactions practically.

In particular, the MBA Consulting Project, which runs full-time for two months, allows students to develop real-world solutions by working on projects pitched by EDHEC's network of global business partners and selected by student vote. This applied learning model offers a direct, client-facing experience, allowing them to 'apply business acumen, problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork & leadership skills' to produce results their client will value and use.

As Sandra Richez, EDHEC's Global MBA programme director, explains, the invaluable experience of "working day-in, day-out with people from different cultures, countries, professions, and industries." cultivates "authentic, inclusive, and ethical leaders" whose talent and global mindset is highly sought after by employers worldwide.


How a Global MBA Empowers Consultants


The Global MBA will prepare you for a career in global consultancy through a meticulously tailored curriculum. The six-month Core Strategic Foundations cover fundamental areas, including Strategy, Innovation & Business Management, Finance, Analytics & Risk, and Personal & Organisational Leadership, providing the basis for informed and confident decision-making.

You'll also follow a one-month specialisation track, choosing International Finance, Global Leadership, Entrepreneurship, or Digital Innovation, depending on your area of interest.

To personalise your learning even further, during the one-month electives phase, you can select optional modules, including Strategic Foresight, Advanced Corporate Finance, and Agile Thinking, to enhance your expertise and align with your professional goals.

Throughout your 10-month journey, you'll remain focused on your post-MBA career in consultancy. EDHEC's personal and career development programme, Lead 360, ensures you'll be confident and ready to take the next leap. You'll benefit from individual coaching sessions and career guidance from experts in consulting, entrepreneurship, finance, technology, or marketing to support your post-MBA career ambitions.

“The mock interviews and one-on-one time with the careers team were the most helpful for me. The time spent with them allowed me to focus on obtaining a job early which was my priority. They helped me create a framework that was scalable to job hunting…I was able to begin working at Moody's Analytics in May 2022, just 8 months into the programme!” David Bencomo, EDHEC Global MBA 2022, Director-Relationship Manager, Moody's Analytics.

The advantages of a Global MBA continue long after your graduation. You'll become part of an international alumni community of 55,000+ professionals. In addition to the opportunity to participate in hundreds of events annually, you'll be welcomed by 100 clubs in 40 countries. When you travel, you'll find it easy to connect with others in the community, leveraging their local knowledge, uncovering valuable business opportunities, and creating life-long friendships.


The Competitive Advantage of a Global MBA for International Consultants


With your Global MBA, you'll have a distinct competitive advantage in the talent market. Enhanced skills and the mindset acquired through the programme ensure you can demonstrate the value you will offer to clients and potential employers. An MBA, especially from a top-ranking institution such as EDHEC, not only sharpens your capabilities but also solidifies your claim to be an adept and agile professional well-equipped to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow in the competitive field of international consulting.

Start your Global MBA to progress in your international consulting career

EDHEC has received numerous prestigious accolades which confirm its standing among the world's best business schools. If you're considering the opportunities a transition into consulting could bring, EDHEC's Global MBA delivers the needed edge.

The unique curriculum will ensure that you are well-prepared for the challenges of top-flight consultancy with the credibility that a globally-recognised MBA imparts - and that top employers are seeking.

Open doors to exciting prospects in international consultancy.


Explore how this innovative programme can transform your future career

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