Think differently

15.05.2024 - Think differently
“Dark green” equity funds could go “full green” with very limited impact on their risk profile
  • Aurore Porteu de La Morandière , Scientific Portfolio ESG Researcher
  • Benoît Vaucher , Scientific Portfolio (an EDHEC Venture) Director of Research
  • Vincent Bouchet , Scientific Portfolio (an EDHEC Venture) ESG Director
15.05.2024 - Think differently
How hybrid working is reinventing management
  • Olga Kokshagina , Associate Professor
  • Sabrina Schneider , Management Center Innsbruck
22.04.2024 - Think differently
How Ratings Systems Shape User Behavior in the Gig Economy
  • Arne De Keyser , Professor
  • Christophe Lembregts , RS Erasmus Univ.
  • Jeroen Schepers , Eindhoven University of Technology
16.04.2024 - Think differently
The new generations and the world of work: 5 questions to Manuelle Malot and Geneviève Houriet Segard (NewGen Centre)
  • Manuelle Malot , EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre Director
  • Geneviève Houriet Segard , EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre Adjunct Director
18.03.2024 - Think differently
Beliefs at the heart of the leader-follower relationship
  • Sylvie Deffayet Davrout , Professor, Leadership Development Chair Director
06.03.2024 - Think differently
Beyond Growth: How to Unveil the Path to Sustainable Business in a Post-Growth Era?
  • Thomas B. Long , Associate Professor
  • Giacomo Buzzao , (Ca’Foscari University of Venice)
12.02.2024 - Think differently
Healthcare faces the dual challenge of digitalisation and illiteracy
  • Loick Menvielle , Professor, Management in Innovative Health Chair Director
07.02.2024 - Think differently
Where are the women in museum collections and in positions of responsibility?
  • Guergana Guintcheva , Professor
  • Hager Jemel-Fornetty , Associate Professor, Diversity & Inclusion Chair Director