Ways to take action

21.11.2022 - Ways to take action
Gender stereotypes in video game narratives
  • Guergana Guintcheva , Professor
  • Hager Jemel-Fornetty , Associate Professor, Diversity & Inclusion Chair Director
  • Laura Lacombe , EDHEC
  • Isis Beloslava Daudé , EPFL
26.10.2022 - Ways to take action
Is the French International Internship program (V.I.E) a springboard to employment for young graduates?
  • Geneviève Houriet Segard , EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre Adjunct Director
  • Manuelle Malot , EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre Director
16.12.2021 - Ways to take action
ALLLMYINDEX.LEGAL: helping legal departments to transform
  • Soufiane Kherrazi , EDHEC Augmented Law Institute Research Director
  • Christophe Roquilly , Professor, Honorary Dean of Faculty, Director of the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute