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Christophe Roquilly, PhD, Associate Dean for Faculty and Research.

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23 Feb

"Maximizing the Impact of Enterprise Social Media"

In an article published in the MIT Sloan Management Review, Mohamed-Hédi-Charki, associate professor of Marketing, and his co-authors offers an alternative approach for enterprise social media implementation.
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15 Feb

Do outside directors add value to private family businesses?

The best performing board I’ve been on is one I’m on now, a family owned company, with four outside directors, two family shareholders and the CEO.
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01 Feb

"Infrastructure investors seek better performance data"

The Financial Times just published an article mentioning an EDHEC Infrastructure Institute study on "how infrastructure indices should be structured to best address their asset allocation and performance monitoring needs".
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25 Jan

The specificity of financial communication in family firms

Financial communication is mainly used by companies that publicly trade their shares on a stock exchange, to interface with current and potential financial stakeholders such as retail and institutional investors and financial analysts. A prevailing belief is that unlisted firms with a closed family shareholding community has no need to publish financial information, apart from its statutory accounts. This leads us to question to what extent is it the case?
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EDHECinfra reveals industry standard for unlisted infrastructure benchmarks
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