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[Podcast] Family Dynamics - Rania Labaki

Rania Labaki , Associate Professor, Family Business Chair Director

The podcasts I familien by Family Business Norway invited Rania Labaki, EDHEC Associate Professor and Director of the Family Business Chair, to talk about Family Dynamics, along with Simone Møkster (FBN).

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5 Jan 2024

Since March 2020, Family Business Norway has published 20 interviews with academics and professionals on a variety of subjects as part of its I familien podcasts.

Rania Labaki, Associate Professor at EDHEC and Director of the Family Business Chair, spoke in English on the theme:

Family Dynamics


Description of this episode: "What is healthy and unhealthy family dynamics? Rania Labaki, director EDHEC Family Business Centre in conversation with Simone Møkster, Family Business Norway about healthy and unhealthy family dynamics. Rania share both findings from her research, cases and best practices for enterprising families. After a short introduction in Norwegian the rest of the episode is in English."

Duration: 35 minutes

Initiale date of publication: 07/04/2022