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EDHEC VOX PODCAST : EPISODE #4 – V.I.E and Graduate programmes

Manuelle Malot , EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre Director

In this fourth episode of the EDHEC Vox Podcast, we look at V.I.E and Graduate programmes offered to students by companies to help them integrate and accelerate the start of their careers. This podcast is hosted by Valentin Dierickx, an EDHEC MSc Marketing in Management student who is currently being recruited for a V.I.E. programme.

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7 Jun 2021

In this 30-minute episode, Valentin talks to Brenda Mendoza Martinez, Head of Talent and Graduate Career Management at Carrefour, and Manuelle Malot, Director of Alumni Careers and NewGen Centre at EDHEC, about Graduate programmes and V.I.E. placements.

They discuss the challenges and workings of these two schemes which, each in their own way, meet the expectations of the younger generation.

- How are V.I.E. and Graduate Programmes great career accelerators?

- At a time when health issues are shaking up the economic world and career plans, how can we continue to see the first job as a springboard?


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