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[podcast] What do graduates of the grandes écoles want? - Manuelle Malot

Manuelle Malot , EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre Director

The "Lundi au soleil" podcasts interview, in French, Manuelle Malot, Director of the Manuelle Malot, about the new generation who "want a job that allows them to make a useful contribution to society".

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24 Jun 2024

The "Lundi au soleil" podcasts are offered by Matribu and have proposed over 60 episodes to date.

Manuelle Malot, Director of the EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre, was invited to speak on the following subject (podcast in French):

Que veulent les diplômés des grandes écoles ?


Presentation: "85% of 18-30 year olds surveyed think that working for a company is an ideal way to start their professional life. They have a positive view of companies, but need proof that they are transforming to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

According to our guest, this generation wants a job that enables them to make a useful contribution to society. To achieve this, the company must offer them the chance to experience a collective adventure, with a focus on integration, flexibility and the opportunity to develop their professional and personal skills."

Length : 32 minutes

Initiale date of publication : 10/04/2023

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