Objectif Réussite

Programme de référence: 
EDHEC Master
€ 16,23

Objectif Réussite is a team of 30 EDHEC volunteers who follow some 100 pupils aged 6 to 20 in the Lille area. Our goal is to give young people in difficulty or originating from disadvantaged backgrounds every chance to succeed, in line with our motto: "there are no easy successes and no definitive failures" (Marcel Proust). This involves various forms of action: one-to-hours a week of customised educational support; twice-monthly cultural excursions, to a museum or theater, for example; a cultural trip (in a large French city this year); a jobs fair titled "Objectif Orientation", designed to help junior high-school students think ahead to their future; And new projects every year (meals with pupils in social facilities, etc.)