Diversity and Inclusion



EDHEC works to promote inclusion, equality and diversity through numerous specific programmes driven by its stakeholders, in association with the School’s teaching and research activities, its Foundation, networks and collectives. Historic commitments for some and new combats for others that reflect the major causes of our time.

Out in the field, these various actions are geared to reinforcing social integration, male-female equality, female empowerment, respect for gender, the acceptance of handicap, and the fight against harassment and discrimination.

Whether you are a future or existing student, alumnus or partner, find out about the actions of our community, the work of our chairs and our classes and programmes in favour of inclusion, equality and diversity.




The EDHEC student community works pro-actively to promote diversity and inclusion. It also strives to ensure project development, entrepreneurship, finance, leadership and more offer similar opportunities for women and men. Almost 98% of students on EDHEC’s Master in Management belong to an association. A large number of these associations are engaged in favour of inclusion, equality and diversity. And to make sure these subjects remain a priority for all on a day-to-day basis, various special initiatives are organised on our campuses throughout the year. 

Student associations like Inspiring Women, Women in Finance and HEqualiSHE operate all-year round to help students overcome obstacles and act for diversity.

All EDHEC association presidents signed the charter of engagement for student responsibility in the fight against sexism and discrimination, introduced by the national office of management school students (BNEM), in partnership with the conference of French prestigious grandes écoles (CGE). Beyond this symbolic and foundational act, all presidents work to set up new initiatives to further their commitment on this subject. 

All EDHEC student associations have appointed their own CSR and Inclusion officers.

Student events are organised on a regular basis in order to mobilise the student community around these issues. Since 2014, EDHEC notably brings together companies and student associations for the Handicap Awareness Day, in an event that demonstrates to one and all that difference does not rule out ability. The associations devise original initiatives to raise students’ awareness of working with colleagues with disabilities.




Recognising that research is essential for moving towards a fairer society, EDHEC Business School’s research activities have been working for more than 10 years to provide insight into societal change and change perceptions within companies and during recruitment processes. Testifying to its openness to all fields of knowledge and as early as 2016, EDHEC created the Open Leadership for Diversity and Inclusion Chair devoted to diversity, inclusion and equality within companies, while the EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre endeavours to ensure that career choices are no longer influenced by gender.

The first chair devoted to progressing diversity through leadership in companies, the Open Leadership for Diversity and Inclusion Chair is at the forefront of the fight for equality in the world of business.  Since its creation, the Chair has been shaking up perceptions linked to leadership and working to create a more inclusive climate within organisations. The highly active Director of the Chair, Professor Hager Jemel Fornetty, publishes a large number of surveys with her team and provides direct input into EDHEC’s academic programmes for training the managers of the future.

  • Through the Chair, EDHEC has joined Collective Usages Numériques et Egalité,  a collective focusing on digital practices and equality, in order to understand the impact of remote working tools on male-female equality at work and to give companies the means to remedy any issues in the area.
  • In partnership with the mentoring [email protected] programme of the Club XXIe Siècle, EDHEC offers unprecedented support to high-potential women graduates confronted with a double glass ceiling on account of their sex and origin.   

The EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre is a centre of expertise focused on the career aspirations, behaviour and skills of new generations of talented individuals. Their surveys show that career choices remain heavily influenced by gender and provide insight into how companies can avoid this bias to recruit the best talent.   




Right from their first year at the School, EDHEC students are confronted with questions related to diversity and inclusion through dedicated classes integrated into our programmes.
These initiatives do not just work on raising awareness, but also give each individual the knowledge and practical tools to function in both their career and personal life in a way that leads to a more inclusive environment.



In association with the Student Engagement and Diversity unit, students set up a think tank to devise initiatives to fight discrimination better and with the objective of furnishing recommendations applicable across all campuses.



All BBA students attend classes geared towards diversity and inclusion to help them identify different types of discrimination, whether linked to gender, sexual orientation, social origin or religion. The Human Resources track deals specifically with these subjects and goes into detail on inter-group relations, stereotypes, prejudices, group norms and male-female equality within companies.




EDHEC applies a zero-tolerance policy to all forms of harassment. Our teams are specifically trained to understand, prevent and react against violence, whether sexual, racist or homophobic in nature. Students or members or staff, what should you do if you’re a victim of harassment? What should you do if you’re a witness to violence? 



Anti-harassment attention unit

Recognising that the first step is to get victims to speak up, EDHEC operates an attention unit dedicated to fighting harassment in partnership with legal and medical experts ready to intervene.

This multilingual 24/7 psychological counselling platform is available to all students and staff. It notably listens to all cases of harassment and, more generally, supports all students on a day-to-day basis whatever the difficulties encountered.



True to its commitment to develop diversity and as part of its action to promote corporate social responsibility (CSR), EDHEC provides support and accessibility solutions for all students.

At the start of the year, the handicap officer on your campus receives all students who have requested compensatory measures for their handicap. The handicap officer also facilitates links with the School’s various services to provide you with the best support during your time as a student: Career Center, Hub, Academic Affairs, etc.

Contact: [email protected]

How does EDHEC raise awareness of handicap?

EDHEC wants to go further than the requirements of France’s Handicap Act of 2005. We are eager to promote understanding of the problems encountered by people with disabilities, not only among students, but also among the teaching faculty and EDHEC staff. 

For EDHEC staff:

Staff members are sensitised at the start of the year to the needs and problems linked to student handicap.

If a professor wishes to provide their support to a student or has questions regarding a support methodology, they can contact the campus handicap officer to discuss the matter.


For students:

The annual Handi Day event fosters a practical approach among students to problems related to handicap.


What adjustments can I ask for?

Everything depends on the handicap situation concerned.

In accordance with France’s Law of 2005, requesting compensatory measures is a legal right, with requests being examined on a case-by-case basis and within a reasonable framework.

Requests are examined so as to decide whether adjustment measures can be put into place by our academic affairs teams.  


Examples of adjustments: Extra time, expanded lettering, computer loans, etc.

For any request of adjustment : [email protected]



To attract and reward talent, while fostering cultural and social diversity on campus, EDHEC offers numerous facilities and forms of assistance enabling students to finance their studies.

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