EDHEC kicks off pedagogy innovation project

Written on 16 October 2014.

Professor Vincent Van Peteghem has been tapped to lead a new pedagogical innovation project at EDHEC Business School – a project that is at the centre of the school’s 2020 Strategic Plan and its efforts to provide students, from the bachelor to the MBA, with the most innovative and effective education available.

Dean of Faculty and Research Christophe Roquilly announced Professor Van Peteghem’s appointment as Head of Pedagogical Innovation in August 2014. At the time, Dean Roquilly also explained that Professor Van Peteghem, an expert in operations management and the leader of a series of faculty pedagogical lunch meetings, would also be in charge of creating a Pedagogical Innovation Lab and website - a first for EDHEC.

“One key issue on my road map … is to generate with the faculty a wave of pedagogical innovations in order to improve the learning of our students and our teaching in the different programmes of the school,” Dean Roquilly explained in an email to EDHEC staff. “Different initiatives and actions have been launched in the past … It is time to coordinate them. A strategy needs to be set up, and some pioneering efforts supported. Our goal is to create a unique EDHEC Teaching Style.”

One of the first steps in setting up the Lab, said Professor Van Peteghem, is taking stock of recent classroom innovations and discussions regarding innovation, including a report produced last year by Professor Pierre d’Huy. The report includes interviews with faculty members, students and administrators regarding classroom technologies (new and old), and new ways to make learning truly student-centred. Professor Van Peteghem will seek input from staff on all five EDHEC campuses.

“I’ll also be meeting with Programme Directors to see what they expect, what they are looking for in terms of innovation,” said Professor Van Peteghem.  “There is already a lot of innovative teaching going on at EDHEC; my work is going to be to bring that innovation together in one place and to launch new ideas to carry us into the future.”

Professor Van Peteghem expects to set up a teaching innovation website for Edhec professors and visiting professors by early next year. The website will be a one-stop shop for teaching tips and ideas, as well as best practices, pedagogical challenges, and trends. The next step, Professor Van Peteghem said, will be to find a physical home for the Lab and to set an operating budget to support research and pilot teaching projects, such as producing a MOOC or a new business game.

“EDHEC Dean Olivier Oger has been clear that innovative and effective pedagogy is important to the school’s future success,” Professor Van Peteghem said. “EDHEC is known for offering a pedagogy that is student-centred, business-driven and research-led. Now is the time to define the actions necessary to build on this reputation and reach new goals.”

Examples of existing pedagogy-oriented sites hosted by well-known universities:





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