Family Business GEMBA: Module 5 took place in London

Written on 04 January 2015.


Participants of the first intake of the EDHEC Family Business Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) recently finished Module 5 in the City. Located at the heart of the London's ancient core, the EDHEC campus is a 2-minute walk from St Paul Cathedral and attractively placed between West End and the major business district.


“Participants are happy to meet every two months in a different location each time” says Programme Coordinator. “They like discovering new places together or making others discover as some of them are often on business trips!”

During the first phase of the module, the Family Business GEMBA Participants have covered the fundamentals of Business and Management Practices. At the end of the London module, they have finished the second phase of it, called “Growing the Business”, where focus is on strategies for family businesses, corporate finance and governance issues.

Leadership Bootcamp

As a part of this module, Participants have plunged into a 3-day Leadership Bootcamp at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Leadership Development is the cornerstone of the Family business GEMBA. “For family businesses, leadership excellence is linked to the legitimacy of the leader”, says Sylvain, GEMBA Director. “As a member of the family or external to the family” he continues “legitimacy comes from competencies in terms of managerial practices as well as the capacity to embody, share and maintain the long-term values coming from the family business history”.

The courses are extremely varied and enriching, covering family business governance, strategy and marketing, but also design thinking and leadership development. Our exchanges with our classmates are the cornerstone of the programme, both during classes and outside them.
2015 Family Business GEMBA Participant

An international course for an international class.

The EDHEC Family Business GEMBA class is composed of a pool of Participants coming from all over the world. Besides the tremendous and the innovative pedagogical tools, Participants are able to share their challenges with peers. Although every single Participant has a different background, all of them deal with the similar topics every day. All Participants come from family business backgrounds and discuss in a high confidential setting. This way, Participants have the opportunity to learn a lot from each other. And that is when the global aspect of the class plays its role, bringing new perspectives and ideas for YOUR business. Cultural exchanges systematically take place, different points of view will emerge, different opinions too. Participants will discuss, argue their angle, leading to an enriching dialogue.

For more information about the programme, please contact:

Romuald GALLET
Programme Advisor
+33 (0)1 53 32 76 62

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