1st EDHEC-Princeton University International Conference

Written on 04 May 2012.

EDHEC-Princeton Conference

During the event, EDHEC and Princeton’s experts presented financial industry representatives with the most recent results from their research projects focusing on major issues for institutional investment management, under the heading “Tomorrow’s new frontiers”.

Participants representing major US financial corporations attended several sessions hosted by top financial professors employed by the two institutions and notably working within the EDHEC-Risk Institute, and Princeton’s Bendheim Center for Finance (BCF) and Operations Research and Financial Engineering (ORFE) department:

  • Yacine Aït-Sahalia, Professor at Princeton University and Head of Princeton’s Bendheim Center for Finance.
  • Frank Fabozzi, Professor at EDHEC since 2011, Visiting Professor at Princeton and previously Professor at Yale.
  • René Garcia, Professor at EDHEC, Scientific Director of the PhD in Finance.
  • Jakub Jurek, Assistant Professor at Princeton University.
  • Lionel Martellini, Professor at EDHEC, Scientific Director of the EDHEC-Risk Institute and Visiting Professor at Princeton.
  • John Mulvey, Professor at Princeton University.
  • Raman Uppal, Professor at EDHEC since 2011, previously Professor at the London Business School and Visiting Professor at MIT and the LSE.

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EDHEC strives to be recognised as a supplier of new ideas and concepts to businesses. This conference is a new illustration of this objective, while also marking a further stage in EDHEC Business School’s development. Two EDHEC professors - Lionel Martellini and Frank Fabozzi - currently occupy posts on New York.

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