20th Edition of the EDHEC Employment Survey

Written on 02 June 2015.

After several cautious months, 7 businesses out of 10 say they intend to recruit young graduates in the next quarter, while 93% of those that have already recruited say they plan to continue hiring. There is also a slight increase in the percentage of companies (from 25 to 30%) planning to recruit a higher number of young graduates.

However, whereas in previous months when businesses were excessively cautious but ultimately recruited more young graduates than initially expected, the level of recruitments in this last quarter was merely in line with forecasts and therefore below the level of actual hirings in previous quarters. These figures need to be interpreted with care, bearing in mind that “just-in-time” recruitment without anticipating needs now seems to be the norm. Recruitments rose during the quarter both for advisory functions and for in-company financial functions, particularly in management control. In contrast, banking-specific functions and sales functions stagnated a bit.

45% of businesses also plan to recruit abroad, especially in Europe. 97% of them intend to continue investing in their relations with higher education institutions, a policy that affords them scope to adapt recruitment to their needs in real time.

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