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Written on 21 June 2013.

The EDHEC Global MBA & EDHEC Executive MBA Refresher brought together for the first time a diverse group of MBA graduates from the Global MBA and Executive MBA programs as well as the former Theseus and IEFSI MBA programs. The range of alumni in attendance went from those who completed their MBA more than 20 years ago to those graduating in the last couple of years. Participants came from all over France as well as further afield such as Canada, the United States, Germany, Australia, Bolivia, South Korea, Peru, India, Belgium, Italy, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Japan.

Many MBA alumni used the Refresher as an opportunity to organize mini-class reunions, combining attendance at the Refresher with the chance to meet-up with former classmates over the weekend in Paris. With the EDHEC Alumni Association’s annual EDHEC Rendez-Vous reunion taking place the evening just before the Refresher, there were also a large number of EDHEC MBA alumni participating in the night’s festivities.

Jointly organized by EDHEC Business School and the EDHEC Alumni Association, the Refresher enabled participants to catch-up with some of the MBA programs’ favorite professors. The formal Refresher programme included:

• An interactive workshop presented by long-term EDHEC Global MBA and Theseus Professor Shlomo Maital on how managers can respond to the current failures in political leadership and the opportunities presented by social entrepreneurship.
• Tony Restell, EDHEC Global MBA coach and founder of and, provided an overview of how social hiring and social networks such as LinkedIn have fundamentally changed the recruiting landscape and the importance of this for post-MBA career management.
• Dominique Turq, EDHEC Global MBA lecturer and founder of the Boostzone Institute, shared his innovative perspectives on the immense transformation that technology is bringing to the world of work, both now and in the future, and how this is radically changing the management paradigm for business leaders.

Participants also got the chance to hear the latest news from EDHEC Business School and the evolution of its EDHEC Global MBA and EDHEC Executive MBA programs as well as learn more about the range of activities undertaken by the EDHEC Alumni Association.

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